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While top quality personnel, space, quality of life and access to major markets are compelling reasons businesses from around the globe and in the Hudson Valley cite for choosing Dutchess County, there are other economic benefits that may be less apparent but just as significant.

Utility companies offer incentive programs, with services that range from free energy audits to cash back programs and extensive renovation and new construction rebate programs. Two of the major electric and gas utility companies in the Mid-Hudson Valley are CH Energy Group and New York State Electric and Gas Corporation, both offering competitive rates.   In addition, in the newly competitive electric and natural gas markets, you can now purchase energy from independent  service companies rather than through your utility company.

For more information about these companies, their services, business incentives and rates, visit the following websites:




- Water Resources -

Dutchess County is fortunate to have abundant surface water resources. The primary sources are the Hudson River, over 800 miles of streams and tributaries, 93 named lakes and ponds, and freshwater wetlands cover approximately six percent of the County. All these surface water resources are linked to each other and groundwater systems.

Thirty-five percent of residents in Dutchess County rely on surface water. The other 65 percent rely on groundwater. Local groundwater is supplied by private wells, private systems or municipal districts.


- Wastewater Treatment -

Wastewater treatment is provided by 62 private and municipally operated wastewater plants. In rural areas of the County, wastewater treatment is provided by individual on-site treatment systems. The majority of large wastewater treatment plants in Dutchess County have excess capacity or the ability to add new capacity to accommodate additional users.

For further information, contact Dutchess County Water & Wastewater Authority at (845) 486-3601.


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