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Looking to save time?  Check the following online services (listed by category) to see whether you can use one of them to complete your business without having to make a trip to one of our offices.


- Contact Dutchess County Government -

arrow image  Website Survey
   - give us your feedback

arrow image  Your Dutchess Direct Automated Response System
   - contact Dutchess County departments online

- Demographics -

arrow image  2000 Census Data
    - get Dutchess County and municipal profile data

- Employment -


arrow image  Recruitment and Civil Service Exam Announcements / Online Application
    - view the current scheduled Civil Service Exams and apply online (credit card payments accepted)

- Forms -

arrow image  Online Forms
    - forms are available in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat/Reader.

- GIS & Mapping -

arrow image  Address Info-Finder
    - get information about an address such as parcel, legislative district, zip code, etc.

arrow image  Aerial Access
   - A collection of current and historic aerial photos dating back to 1936.

arrow image  Bicycle Parking
     - Locate bicycle parking locations in Dutchess County.

arrow image  Historic Resource Survey Viewer
   - view maps, photos and detailed documentation of the location of histroic resources.

arrow image  InfoAccess  
    - InfoAccess takes a broad range of location-related information and makes it viewable in themed "categories" on GIS maps such as: health care facilities, schools, transportation, senior friendship centers

arrow image  Parcel Access
    - map-based parcel & assessment information

arrow image  Referral Identifier
     - Does your zoning action need to be Referred?

arrow image  TIP Viewer
     - Transportation projects that use federal or transit funding.

- News, Events & Website Update Notification -

arrow image  County Government Consolidated Calendar
    - see what's going on in County Government

arrow image  Social Networking
    - get Dutchess County news through Facebook and Twitter 

arrow image  Subscription Services using DutchessDelivery
    - receive email notifications when content on selected County webpages is updated

arrow image  Web Feeds
    - get direct links to newly posted information automatically - no registration required!

- Parks/Recreation -

arrow image  Dutchess County Parks Facilities Reservations  |  Register for a Park Program
    - reserve a space or facility  or register for a program at one of our Dutchess County Parks

arrow image  William R. Steinhaus Dutchess Rail Trail
    - give us your feedback and/or sign up to be kept informed or to support amenities on the Trail

- Procurement -

arrow image  Active Commodity Contracts
    - get information about active commodity contracts between Dutchess County and private vendors as well as New York State contracts 

arrow image  Bidding and RFP Opportunities
    - vendors can obtain bid documents, request for proposals or request for quotes 

arrow image  Recycled (Surplus) Equipment
    - items declared surplus equipment by Dutchess County and not claimed by other County Departments are offered free to municipalities of Dutchess County

- Records -

arrow image  Ancient Document Search
     - search and view digital images of 12,000 pages of eighteenth-century legal documents

arrow image  Public Document Search
    - search the indexes of land and legal filings with the Dutchess County Clerk’s Office

- Tax Auction -

arrow image  Real Property Tax Auction
    - get information about the tax foreclosure auction and properties still available

- Transportation -

arrow image  Public Transit Bus Demand Response Service Application ADA / Dial‐A‐Ride / Flex
    - complete this form to establish eligibility for transportation service 
arrow image  Traffic Counts
    - search for current and historical traffic volume on state/county/local roads in Dutchess County

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