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Caregiver Training provides information and skills development for those providing support services for the frail elderly, chronically ill or disabled of any age.  The purpose of support groups is to minimize the frustration and isolation experienced by caregivers while attempting to address the diverse concerns and issues confronting them. Workshops are offered in such areas as practical tips, stress management, coping skills, and legal issues for caregivers. Call Mid Hudson Regional Home Care of Westchester Medical Center at 483-5551.  They also run a monthly caregiver support group and a yearly conference with topics of interest to caregivers. 

Alzheimer’s Support Groups, educational workshops and other services for family members and caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s or related dementia are offered by the Alzheimer’s Association. Support groups, which are informational and non-judgmental, are held at several locations throughout Dutchess County.  An early stage Alzheimer’s support group is also sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association.  To obtain more information, call 845-471-2655.

The Parkinson’s Support Group meets monthly on the 4th Friday of the month (except November and December when they meet on the 3rd Friday) from 10 AM to noon at the Unitarian Fellowship at 67 South Randolph Avenue in Poughkeepsie.  Call (914) 475-2793 for information.

 CAREGIVER RESOURCE CENTER- Located at the Boardman Road Branch Library in Poughkeepsie, featuring books and informational materials that arer available through all Dutchess County Libraries. For more information call 845-454-9301



“Case Management” has many meanings, depending on the source of the service.  Traditionally, all styles of case management incorporate a certain sequence of events. The case manager (or case management team) develops an individualized plan of care to help the client reach their goals.

Case management may be a service funded through an organization, or if provided by a  private case manager, a fee may be charged.  Services may be brief, to accomplish a short-term goal, or ongoing, as in management of a home care plan.


Elder abuse can take many forms:

“Physical abuse” means the non-accidental use of force that results in bodily injury, pain, or impairment, including–but not limited to–being slapped, burned, cut, bruised, or improperly physically restrained.

“Sexual abuse” means non-consensual sexual contact of any kind, such as forced sexual contact.

“Emotional abuse” means willful infliction of mental or emotional anguish by threat, humiliation, intimidation, or other abusive conduct, such as frightening or isolating an adult.

“Active neglect” means willful failure by the caregiver to fulfill the care-taking functions and responsibilities assumed by the caregiver, such as abandonment, or willful deprivation of food, water, heat, clean clothing, and bedding, or health related services.

“Self neglect” means an adult’s inability, due to physical and/or mental impairments, to perform tasks essential to caring for oneself, such as: providing essential food, clothing, shelter, and medical care; obtaining goods and services necessary to maintain physical health, mental health, emotional well-being, and general safety; managing financial affairs.

“Financial exploitation” means improper use of an adult’s funds, property, or resources by another individual, such as fraud, embezzlement, conspiracy, forgery, falsifying records, coerced property transfers for denial of access to assets.


Protective Services for Adults (PSA), sometimes called Adult Protective Services or APS is provided through the Department of Community & Family Services to individuals 18 years of age or older living in the community. These services assist people who are either mentally or physically impaired, have no one willing and able to help, and cannot provide for their basic needs for food, shelter, clothing, or medical care. The services also help to protect these people from physical or mental injury, neglect, maltreatment, or financial exploitation.

This service is offered to county residents without regard to income.

PSA referrals can be made to the Dutchess County Department of Community & Family Services Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm by calling (845) 486-3300.



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