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Typical Workout Routine

Each exercise is done 16 times, (two sets of 8 each), with a pause and deep breath between each set of 8. All exercises are to an 8 count, (up to 4, down to 8). Everyone counts out loud together.

First - Balance and Warm Up Exercises

  1. Chair Stands- stand from sitting position with hands crossed in front

  2. Chest Stretch- stand & extend arms straight back, clasp hands & pull back and up

  3. 1 Leg Stand- alternate standing on 1 leg and then the other

  4. Heel Raise- rise up on toes to count of 4 and back down to 8

  5. Toe Raise- rock back on heels to the count of 4 and back down to 8

  6. Hip Raise (Wooden Soldier)- straight leg, raise foot with foot flexed, then down. Alternate legs, left, right, left, right. March in place like a wooden soldier.

  7. Tandem Walk- one foot directly in front of the other, 20 steps around the circle, then back, don’t look at feet, hold on to chairs for balance.

Second - Leg Exercises - One leg at a time with ankle weights (provided)

  1. Seated Calf Raise - knee bent 90 degrees, slowly raise leg until straight, flex foot, then relax foot, lower leg.

  2. Back Leg Raise - bend forward 45 degrees over chair back, slowly extend leg to back

  3. Side Leg Raise - stand straight hold on to side of chair, slowly extend leg out to side

  4. Knee Raise (Hip Flex) - slowly raise knee to form right angle with calf, then lower.

Third - Arm Exercises - With hand weights (provided)

  1. Forward Fly - arms front and bent (like hugging a tree), move arms back pulling shoulder blades together, then move arms back front to starting position

  2. Upward Row - slowly pull arms upward to shoulders then down

  3. 2 Arm Raise - slowly raise arms straight out to side, elbow to front of shoulder then down

  4. Tricep Kickback - elbows bent and back, slowly swing arms back to 4 forward 8

  5. Arm Curls - arms at sides, slowly bend arms up at elbow to front of shoulder, then down

  6. Shoulder Press - arms together in front with bent elbows. Pull arms out to side (elbows still bent) then push up straightening the elbow until a count of 4. Same movement in reverse down to 8.

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