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Airport Operations

Hudson Valley Regional Airport


Dutchess County Airport group photo


The Operations division is responsible for the maintenance of all airfield lighting, pavement areas, airfield markings, airport vehicles including fuel trucks, farm trucks, snow removal equipment, ground support equipment, and the ARFF equipment.  Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting responsibilities fall on the entire airport staff, utilizing the Rosenbauer Panther to get the job done.

The six person team at operations is primarily responsible for keeping Dutchess County one of the most attractive airports in the North East.  Working hard all summer keeping the grass cut and trimmed, and keeping surrounding obstructions at bay are just a few of the tasks they accomplish.

While shifting gears in the winter, Dutchess is renowned for having one of the most expedient snow removal operations in the north east corridor.  Sometimes the 'lost and forgotten', when it comes to 'Ops,' it is easy to see that these people take their jobs seriously when it comes to making sure that your visit is a safe and pleasant experience.  


Snow removal


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