Central Services
Christopher Barclay, Director


 We serve the operational needs of County Departments by assisting them in providing their services to the public more efficiently and at a reduced cost.

Our division serves the public by providing a leadership role in cost saving programs like Shared Services and Cooperative Procurement Programs, which greatly benefit municipalities and special districts as well as County departments.

Our procurement staff

The procurement staff is dedicated to a strong code of ethics, professionalism, accountability and unparalleled customer service.

Areas that the procurement staff serves include:

  • Procurement

  • Contract database administration

  • Procurement card program administration

  • Interdepartmental billing

  • Storeroom facilities

  • Fixed asset program administration

  • Surplus 

  • Printing and duplication services

  • Internal (and U.S.) mail distribution program

Do you have any questions about Central Services?

Contact us during normal business hours at:

Voice (845) 486-3670 Fax (845) 486-3659
E-mail purchasing@dutchessny.gov
27 High Street
Poughkeepsie NY 12601

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