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Dutchess County Clerk Brad Kendall


Dutchess County Clerk, Brad KendallDutchess County Clerk, Brad Kendall was appointed County Clerk in December 2006 by former New York State Governor, George E. Pataki.  Clerk Kendall ran successfully for election in 2007 and re-election in 2011 and 2015.

Prior to his appointment as County Clerk, Clerk Kendall served as a Dutchess County Legislator from 1994-2006, representing the towns of Dover and Union Vale.  In 2000, Clerk Kendall was elected Chairman of the Dutchess County Legislature, a position he held until his appointment as County Clerk.  Elected seven times as Chairman, Clerk Kendall was one of the longest serving Chairmen in Dutchess County’s history.

Clerk Kendall is a 1973 graduate of Arlington High School, and a 1977 graduate of Williams College, as well as National Merit Award winner.

A hands-on County Clerk, Clerk Kendall has immersed himself in the day to day operations of the Clerk’s Office.  He has become knowledgeable about all operations of the Department, and can regularly be seen working behind the counters, alongside his staff.  

As a business owner, Clerk Kendall has brought a business operations mentality to the Department; and by doing so, the County Clerk’s Office continues to show a surplus each year; providing revenue to Dutchess County, therefore keeping property taxes down.

Clerk Kendall has instituted successful programs such as Renew Local First, a program to encourage Dutchess County residents to renew their vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses here in Dutchess County to keep revenue in the County.  He instituted the Dutchess County FAVOR (Find and Assist a Veteran of Record) ID Card.  This program provides an ID card to honorably discharged military Veterans allowing them discounts at various businesses throughout the Hudson Valley.

Clerk Kendall lives in Dover with his wife Barbara, and is the father of two sons Steven and Travis.

Clerk Kendall serves on the board of Dutchess Land Conservancy.   He is also a member of the Dover Lions Club.

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