Renew Local First

Office of the County Clerk
Bradford Kendall, County Clerk

Need to renew your license or registration?  Stop in at any local Department of Motor Vehicle office. For even greater convenience, when you receive your renewal notice from New York State, simply fill out the enclosed forms, make out your payment check to "Dutchess County Clerk", and mail the pink envelope to:

                                         Bradford Kendall
                                         Dutchess County Clerk
                                         22 Market Street
                                         Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Renew Local FirstWhy?     Because Dutchess County receives 12.7% of each transaction: generating revenue for the county, keeping your local taxes down. Several years ago, New York State took over renewals, costing the county over $150,000 in lost revenue per year. You can help us recapture that money.

When you "RENEW LOCAL FIRST", you

  • Get fast reliable service from our professional employees
  • Support our local workforce
  • Keep your dollars in Dutchess County, offsetting local property taxes




Bradford Kendall,County Clerk Bradford Kendall
County Clerk
Dutchess County Seal