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News Release    

October 4, 2005      

For Further Information Contact:
William R. Steinhaus, County Executive
(845) 486-2000

Dutchess Exec Steinhaus Announces Major Upgrade at the Resource Recovery Facility

Poughkeepsie… At the site of the Dutchess County Resource Recovery Agency’s (DCRRA) waste-to-energy facility on Sand Dock Road in the Town of Poughkeepsie, County Executive William R. Steinhaus today met with agency, board and staff to view the major $14.8 million upgrade necessary for the agency to meet new federally mandated emission requirements under the Federal Clean Air Act.

County Executive Steinhaus said, “With this system in place the facility will continue to provide county residents with an environmentally safe local waste disposal site, while continuing to meet Clean Air standards.” This new “spray dryer absorber system” will remove at least 97% of the hydrogen chloride emissions, and at least 85% of the sulphur dioxide emissions, thereby assuring daily compliance with the new EPA regulations.

DCRRA’s municipal waste facility began commercial operation in October, 1989, and has continuously been in compliance with Federal EPA requirements. However, with new EPA emissions standards going into effect on December 6, 2005, DCRRA has worked closely with Montenay Dutchess, the facility’s manager, and McGill Air Clean LLC of Columbus, Ohio to install the necessary system improvements that will remove sulfur dioxide and hydrochloric acid gases. Once the system is in place, operational testing will occur over a four month period.

The Dutchess County Resource Recovery Agency is responsible for the management of solid waste in the County, including the operation of the Resource Recovery Facility, the Dutchess County Materials Recovery Facility and developing a program for ash reutilization as an alternative to land-filling. “Landfills are become more scarce and more expensive and with the distances to available landfills becoming greater, the increase in the cost of transportation is escalating even beyond the rising price of gas,” said DCRRA board chairman, Bill Calogero. “Dutchess County through the agency is well positioned to deal with this growing concern,” he added.

According to County Executive Steinhaus, “Many people are unaware of where their trash goes once it leaves curbside. In many cases across the state and country, that trash ends up in local landfills. Dutchess County is pretty unique with a solution that is much more ecologically friendly which also allows us to create energy that can be sold back to the utilities.” The DCRRA waste-to-energy facility burns over 150,000 tons of solid waste per year from Dutchess households and businesses, converting it into approximately 50 million kwh of electrical energy which is sent to Central Hudson’s electrical grid.


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