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News Release    

June 1, 2006      

For Further Information Contact:
William R. Steinhaus, County Executive
(845) 486-2000

Dutchess Executive Steinhaus Submits 2006 Capital Projects Bond Request

Poughkeepsie… Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus and Dutchess County Commissioner of Public Works Michael P. Murphy have forwarded for approval to the Dutchess Legislature projects totaling $13 million from the 2006 Capital Improvement Program. The ‘06 project list was previously adopted by the Legislature this past fall.

According to County Executive Steinhaus, “My goal in determining our priorities is to ensure the county services our residents rely upon are delivered reliably and efficiently. This proactive approach to major project planning enables the county government to balance present and future needs of our residents through necessary upgrades to our building facilities used by our nearly 300,000 residents, lower emergency repair project expenses, and minimized taxpayer costs. In addition, I want to be sure we provide a safe and comfortable work environment for county employees so we can welcome residents into our facilities in a business like atmosphere.”

The 2006 projects include:

Roof/Siding Replacement at the Auto Service Center - Repairs and upgrades are needed to this facility built in the late 1970’s which serves the county vehicle fleet for public health nurses, senior citizen  and children’s services case workers, Deputy Sheriff road patrols and many other essential county field services.

HVAC Improvements - Rooftop units in various county buildings that serve thousands of public visitors have exceeded their anticipated useful life and some have already failed.

County Airport Terminal Building - This 27 year old building is essential to one of the county’s most important business development assets. It requires critical building upgrades, life safety components and renovations to become federal ADA compliant. Net tenant rental space and revenues are also anticipated to increase.

Highway Operations and Engineering Complex Improvements - The Highway Facilities Master Plan will create an efficient engineering and highway complex at the Rt. 44 Town of Poughkeepsie site enabling the county to maintain a safe and reliable road infrastructure so important to the commerce and residents of Dutchess. All highway operations for the entire county highway network are coordinated from this site. Additionally, the dispatch center is crucial to the Dutchess County emergency response system during winter storms and other emergency situations.

HVAC & Roof Studies - A Study and Cost Report for several County buildings will identify areas containing asbestos, evaluate existing components and systems, examine the benefits of alternative repair or replacement strategies and create a logistics plan, if required. In addition, an update to the 1990 Roof Master Plan will evaluate the current condition of roofs, test for hazardous materials, prioritize critical needs with a repair and/or replacement schedule and obtain cost information.

Caulking Replacement at Various County Buildings - Storms over the past year have caused water infiltration to a number of county buildings causing the need to remove and replace caulking around the windows. The caulking must be tested for PCB’s and asbestos prior to removal and disposal.

According to Commissioner Murphy, “These projects have all been on our Capital Projects Plan which the Legislature and County Executive Steinhaus have previously endorsed and I am certain we will deliver better services to county residents and businesses by undertaking these projects.”

County Executive Steinhaus concluded, “These facilities are necessities for county employees to deliver the services the public expects. We are maintaining and upgrading our infrastructure to ensure the efficiency of the County workforce by providing them an appropriate work environment to do their jobs and better serve the taxpayers.” 


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Last Updated: 6/1/2006