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News Release    

June 5, 2006      

Dutchess County Submits $646,000 Grant for Homeless Housing and Service

Poughkeepsie…Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus announced today Dutchess County has submitted a $646,000 grant application to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for funding for six local homeless assistance programs.  Monies awarded focus on permanent and transitional housing for the homeless.

“The County, through the Department of Planning and Development, worked closely with the members of the Dutchess Housing Consortium and four local non-profits to submit this application.  The money will continue services provided by Hudson River Housing, Gateway Community Industries and Rehabilitation Support Services and brings in new resources for additional beds of permanent housing for the chronically homeless,” said County Executive Steinhaus.  “I am pleased to have provided the staff resources and expertise to coordinate increasingly competitive applications on behalf of Consortium members and the community at large,” he added.

The funds requested through this application will renew funding for five projects in the county and would provide $164,304 toward a new permanent housing project.  This new project will be administered by PEOPLe, Inc. and will provide 8 one-bedroom units for chronically homeless individuals.   Tenants will be required to pay 30% of their income towards their rent with the grant paying the balance up to the fair market rent.  PEOPLe will offer tenants peer delivered services such as community self-help meetings, vocational and volunteer opportunities and education on wellness plans with the goal of reducing the amount of time people experience crisis.  Other services will be provided by a consortium of local human service agencies depending on the particular needs of the individuals. 

According to Steve Miccio PEOPLe’s Executive Director, “This project is very exciting in that it will house 8 chronically homeless individuals in Dutchess County using a cross systems collaboration model where community service providers partner to insure success for every individual.   Dutchess County will be one of the first counties to model community collaboration through local non-profits, County services and State services in delivering person centered services for eight individuals.  The goal of the project is to not only house people but to fully integrate each individual into our community so they too can contribute back to our community.”

Renewal projects include:

  • Hudson River Housing Hillcrest House –  Provides funds for the operational costs of a building which contains 78 beds of transitional housing for homeless individuals.  $138,842

  • Gateway Community Industries -  Provides rental assistance for three units of permanent housing for homeless persons with mental illness or substance abuse problems.   The grants also pays for some support services and a small amount of operations.  $39,997

  • Dutchess County Homeless Management Information System -  Provides funds to continue the implementation of the county’s homeless management information system.  $45,120  

  • Hudson River Housing/Shelter Plus Care – Rental assistance for 10 apartments for homeless individuals with disabilities.  $111,492

  • Rehabilitation Support Services/Shelter Plus Care – Rental assistance for 15 apartments for homeless individuals who have co-occurring diagnosis of mental illness and chemical abuse (MICA).  $146,700

The announcement of the funding awards is expected in late December 2006. 


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Last Updated: 6/5/2006