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News Release    

June 29, 2006      

For Further Information Contact:
William R. Steinhaus, County Executive
(845) 486-2000

Dutchess County Volunteers Assist Flood Efforts In Montgomery County

Poughkeepsie…Thirty Seven volunteer firefighters from 5 Dutchess fire departments departed from the Dutchess County Fire Training Center in Hyde Park, Wednesday evening en route to Montgomery County to provide relief to emergency work crews in flood ravaged areas.

According to County Executive William R. Steinhaus, “The Dutchess County contingent left at approximately 6:30 PM and began their first operational phase at 11 PM last evening.  Their shift lasted till 4 AM and they were back on the job at 8 AM. We are very proud of our Dutchess County firefighters for offering to help their counterparts in Montgomery County and we know their efforts are greatly appreciated.” 

The crews were assigned to work with the Village of St. Johnsville Fire Department, approximately 50 miles west of Amsterdam New York, checking houses and pumping basements as the Mohawk River crested and sent water into approximately 50% of the residential area-covering the entire first floor in most houses.

In response to New York State Fire Administrator James Burns activating the New York State Fire Mobilization and Mutual Aid Plan volunteers from the Roosevelt, Dover, Hughsonville, Pleasant Valley and East Fishkill Fire Departments were mobilized and deployed along with vehicles and equipment allowing them to be self-sufficient in their emergency relief efforts. Relief efforts are expected to continue through this evening.

“Crews are being well treated,” said DeWitt Sagendorph, Dutchess County coordinator of Emergency Response. “Our crews are being housed at the local fire station and meals are being provided for them.”

Additional assistance is being provided to Delaware County where Ken Davidson, Dutchess County Emergency Manager is providing relief to their county Emergency Manager who has been working around the clock for the last several days.”

Broome County has requested the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control to contact Dutchess County and request 911 dispatches to relieve their dispatchers who have been working endless hours since the flooding began-many of whom have homes that have suffered severe flood damage.  Broome County and Dutchess County use the same Computer Dispatch software making it easier to share dispatcher resources in case of emergency. Dispatchers from the E-911 Center have been put on alert to be ready to travel to Broome to spell their workers on Friday.

County Executive Steinhaus concluded, “This type of resource sharing and support is part of our American Spirit. It shows how we care. It is also comforting to know that these types of resources will be available should our Dutchess county residents need similar help.”


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Last Updated: 6/29/2006