Dutchess Goes Green
...the efforts are ongoing, and the possible rewards are endless
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Dinsmore Golf Course

“Dutchess County has developed a reputation as a leader, whether in economic development, senior citizen initiatives or a host of other programs. That is what we want to do here with the “Dutchess Goes Green” agenda.   We want to have vision and strategy to implement real change.”

"Protecting our character of breathtaking beauty, incredible rolling hills, spectacular farmland, and the majesty of the Hudson River must be a number one priority for every resident and business."

Find out how we, as a county and as citizens, are  thinking and caring for the environment that sustains us;  and find out how you, as a resident or business of Dutchess County, can think and behave green.

William R. Steinhaus,
Dutchess County Executive, 1991 - 2011



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