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News Release Photos    

June 1, 2007

County Executive Celebrates Youth Achievement Awards Photographs

County Executive Celebrates Youth Achievement Awards Photographs - photo 1

Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus (center)
with the 2007 Youth Excellence Award recipients.

County Executive Celebrates Youth Achievement Awards Photographs - photo 2

From left to right:  Dutchess County Youth Bureau Executive Director William Sanchez,
YEA Award Recipient Lizdely Garcia of Pawling High School, Professional Teacher Award Recipient Alison Scanlon of Pawling High School and Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus.

2007 County Executive Youth Excellence Award Recipients

Most Significant Improvement in Overall Performance

Student:                            Nominated by:

Ashley Allen                 Poughkeepsie Middle School

Alexis Bigby                 DC Dept. of Social Services

Amanda Bigby              DC Dept. of Social Services

Joseph Buckley             John Jay High School

Eric Burnett                   Poughkeepsie High School

Jennifer Coons               DC Dept. of Social Services

Ryan Dacey                   Astor Counseling Services

Nicholas Fields              Orville Todd Middle School

Tania Garcia                   Mill Street Loft

James Hammond            DC Dept. of Social Services

James Hasher                 Astor Home for Children

Raymond Houghtaling     DC BOCES – BETA

Dennis Keefe                  Pawling Central Middle School

Brian LaBarbera              Orchard View Alternative High School

Leslie Mella                      DC BOCES Alternative High School

Amber Plass                     Haviland Middle School

Sandra Rodriquez             DC Dept. of Social Services

Sean Serwatka                 Astor Home for Children

Philip Soto                        John Jay High School

Jason Thorne                    Eugene Brooks Middle School

Roylee Whitaker               DC Dept. of Social Services

Daniel White                     Astor Home for Children

Success Despite Difficult Odds

Student:                                   Nominated by:

Curtis Abraham                    Poughkeepsie High School

Chalese Bartee                     DC BOCES Alternative High School

Christopher Bligen                Poughkeepsie Middle School

Janeen Bligen                       Poughkeepsie Middle School

Janet Bligen                          Poughkeepsie Middle School

Jason Brooks                        Poughkeepsie Middle School

Samantha Caviola                  Orchard View Alternative High School

Jaimie Corliss                         DC Dept. of Social Services

Herschel Dinkins                    DC Youth Bureau Project Return

Rebecca Ellison                      John Jay High School

Alison Ennever                        Poughkeepsie High School

Lizdely Garcia                         Pawling High School

Heather Knapp                        Webutuck High School

David Medwick                       DC BOCES Alternative High School

Danielle Pantusco                   Webutuck High School

Johnathan Quinones                Cornell Cooperative Extension 
                                               Green Teen Community Gardening Progam

Lynette Ruffin                          DC Dept of Social Services

Brian Sobotko                         Orville Todd Middle School

Christina Soto                          DC Youth Bureau

Kayla Stanton                          DC Youth Bureau Project Return

Jessica Stroman                       Orchard View Alternative High School

Douglas Weller                        DC Youth Bureau Project Return

Christina Wood                        F.D. Roosevelt High School

Samuel Wu                              Orville Todd Middle School

Volunteer or Community Service

Student:                                   Nominated by:

Matthew Balzer                     Orchard View Alternative High School

Ryan Cromwell                      DC BOCES – Salt Point

Ria Macallan Durkin              Orville Todd Middle School

Nancy Figueroa                     Mill Street Loft

Shirley Hosier                        Poughkeepsie High School

Justin Hutchinson                   Mental Health Association

Edgar Rivera                          Mill Street Loft

Kyle Triola                             DC BOCES- Salt Point

Xaveria Williams                    Cornell Cooperative Extension
                                             Green Teen Community Gardening Program

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