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An important part of becoming GREENER starts with education.  The following links provide access to information on the Internet about a variety of topics that deal with us and the way we interact with the environment.  Learn more how we can become GREENER residents, consumers, and citizens. (* Indicates the website contains an interactive tool.) 


Energy Saving Tips for Homes, Businesses, Institutions, Drivers:




Renewable and Indigenous Energy:


  • * Clean Power Estimator from NYSERDA -
    Try NYSERDA's on-line tool to estimate your cost for a solar-electric or photovoltaic system.

  • NYSERDA's Renewable & Indigenous Energy R&D Program -
    Find out more about NYSERDA's various programs, funding opportunities, and incentives through this website.





General Energy Information:


  • U.S. Department of Energy -
    The website of the U.S. Department of Energy provides a wealth of information about energy and the environment including information about prices and trends, national security, as well as safety and health.





GREEN Building:

  • * Green Building Pages, Inc. -
    This on-line tool helps building industry professionals and environmentally and socially responsible consumers select building materials that preserve health and the environment, and whose production and manufacture processes promote social equity and economic sustainability.

  • New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
    Learn more about NYSERDA's Green Building Services on this website.





Environmental/GREEN/Sustainability Activism:

  • Campaign Earth -
    Whether you're a business or an individual, this website will offer you simple ways to get involved to help solve today's most pressing environmental issues.
  • Carbonrally -
    Carbonrally is an interactive website that offers individuals and groups the opportunity to have a measurable impact on climate change in way that’s both entertaining and competitive.  Its objective is to motivate people throughout the country to make changes in personal behavior and lifestyle that can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

    To participate, a person joins an existing Carbonrally team or creates a new team among friends or co-workers. Teams are presented with new challenges, involving simple, positive actions, which are posted on the Carbonrally web site every few weeks.   Real-time Rally results for each challenge, which map both team and collective impacts in different parts of the country, can be viewed on the website; and Rally participants can share thoughts about climate change and even post ideas for new challenges.

  • Co-op America -
    This website shows a host of ways that we, as consumers, can take action to help protect and preserve our environment.  Visit their website to find out how...  






Local Regional Environmental Groups:

  • Cornell University Cooperative Extension Dutchess County -
    Through practical education the Cooperative Extension Dutchess County helps residents and decision makers deal with economic, societal, and agricultural issues that affect our daily lives and the future of Dutchess County
  • Dutchess County Environmental Management Council -
    This website contains links to  environmental groups and organizations.

  • Hudson River Sloop Clearwater -
    Through environmental education, advocacy programs and celebrations, Clearwater focuses on protecting the Hudson River and related water bodies.

  • Hudson River Watershed Alliance -
    Learn what this organization is doing to protect, conserve and restore the water resources of the Hudson River Basin.

  • Scenic Hudson - 
    Find out more about what the largest environmental group focused on the Hudson River Valley is doing to help create environmentally healthy communities and to preserve the valley's beauty and natural resources.






Sustainable Community and Professional Programs- Information and Events:

  • Northeast Sustainable Energy Association -
    Learn about the programs and activities of this network of professionals, practitioners, and s in the pursuit of responsible energy use.





Other Programs, On-line Tools, and Links:

  • Call2Recycle  -
    Through this national program, the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) can help you recycle your used portable rechargeable batteries and old cell phones.  The Call2Recycle website provides a search function that lets you find the nearest battery/cell phone drop off site.  It also provides a free and easy way for retailers to help preserve the environment by signing up to become registered rechargeable battery collection sites.

  • Department of Environmental Conservation
  • eBay and the Rethink Initiative -
    The Rethink Initiative brings together industry, government and environmental organizations to explore and find answers to the challenge of e-waste.  This website offers information, tools and solutions that make it easy to find new users for idle computers and electronics, and responsibly recycle unwanted products.
  • * EPEAT – Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool
    This system helps institutional purchasers in the public and private sectors evaluate, compare and select desktop computers, notebooks and monitors based on their environmental attributes.  EPEAT is also available free of charge to consumers and is a very effective and reliable way of identifying environmentally preferable products. The site also provides a product registry search to obtain product rating information.

  • Hudson Valley Material Exchange -
    HVME is an environmental 501c (3) as well as educational waste prevention organization that that focuses primarily on developing effective waste management practices for businesses in the Hudson Valley.  The HVME maintains a non-profit community warehouse for Arts-Education-Building materials rescued from the business wastestream.

  • Plug-In To eCycling -
    One of the goals of this voluntary partnership between EPA and consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers is to offer consumers more opportunities to donate or recycle -  "eCycle" - their used electronics.

  • * Power Scorecard -
    This site offers a rating mechanism that assesses the environmental impact of different types of electric generation and to view the ratings of available electricity products in your area.




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