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News Release    

January 4, 2008      

For Further Information Contact:
Kathleen Myers, Director of Real Property Tax Services - (845) 486-2140
Timothy Mahler, Commissioner of the Office of Computer Information Systems - (845) 486-2450

Dutchess County Unveils New Tax Bill Format

Poughkeepsie… While almost no one looks forward to opening their tax bill; this year, at least Dutchess County residents will find their 2008 Statement of County/Town Taxes easier to read.    Dutchess County Director of Real Property Tax Services Kathleen Myers has announced the format for the County & Town tax bill has been overhauled and updated to make it simpler and easier to read.

“The Statement of County/Town Taxes contains a great deal of information and it is important taxpayers can understand all of the various components.   That is why we have redesigned the tax bill with a better layout and added explanations for commonly asked questions,” said Ms. Myers.

The new tax bill format was a combined effort of the Dutchess County Real Property Tax Service Agency (RPT) and the Office of Computer Information Systems (OCIS).   The Dutchess County Tax Collectors Association also provided input and suggestions for the new format. Taxpayers can expect to see the revised tax bill format in their mailboxes soon as individual municipalities will be mailing out Statements of County/Town Taxes throughout the month of January.      All tax bills must be mailed no later than February 1st, 2008. 

OCIS Commissioner Timothy Mahler said, “The new tax bill format features a revised layout and new color blocking to make the statement flow better and easier to understand.  The fonts have been modified for easier reading.  Explanations have been added to provide information about specific components such as tax levy and how to learn more about the local grievance process.” 

In addition to the easier to read format, the OCIS team has created an interactive sample tax bill available on     Residents can view a sample tax bill and get informative descriptions of the tax bill components.    “Pop up” information box provide complete description of components such as full market value, total assessed value, tax levy, tax rate and more.      The website will feature tax bill samples for single payment and installment payments.   It will also show tax bill samples for properties assessed at full (market) value and samples for properties assessed at fractional (less than full market) value. 

Judith A. Crawford, Receiver of Taxes for the Town of Beekman and President of the Dutchess County Tax Collectors Association said, “The new tax bill format is a vast improvement over past Statements of County/Town Taxes. I think taxpayers will find it much easier to read and interpret all of the data and information contained in the tax bill. We (Dutchess County Tax Collectors Association) appreciated the opportunity to share our input and I commend the County for a great final product. I also plan to encourage the Town of Beekman residents at the next Town Board Meeting to go to the website and view the interactive tax bill and I encourage other Collectors and Receivers to do the same.”

“Thanks to the hard work of our Real Property Tax Service Agency and OCIS team, as well as the valuable input of the Dutchess County Tax Collectors Association, the new tax bill format is easier to read and understand.  The accompanying interactive sample tax bill feature on our website is a great educational tool for taxpayers who want to learn more about specific components of their tax bill,” concluded Ms. Myers.


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