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News Release    

April 15, 2005      

County Executive Announces Implementation of Major Public Safety Improvement

Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus announced the implementation of an additional 911 radio frequency the County is making available for police agencies who respond to 911 calls in Dutchess County.

County Executive Steinhaus said, “We are pleased to provide this additional police frequency to our County 911 System which will enhance police officer safety and expand our communications capability for police officers when responding to all types of emergencies. This will benefit our deputy Sheriff’s, state troopers, and all our local police agencies.”

Sheriff Adrian Anderson said, "The ability of the county to acquire an additional 911 Radio Frequency in today's FCC market is a significant accomplishment on all levels. Once again we are able to demonstrate just how well our Executive Office, Emergency Response and Police communities are all working together with the same goal in mind, that being, the enhancement of Public Safety for all."

Emergency Response Coordinator DeWitt Sagendorph stated, “With this initiative put forth by the County Executive the second frequency will allow two emergency functions to occur at the same time and no one will be talking over the other. Specific protocols are being developed for use of this additional frequency. Discussions have centered around the ability to have a clear dispatch frequency plus a tactical frequency for responding police officers and the 911 dispatchers to use when clear communications are needed for a specific incident. ”

In his 2005 State of the County Address the County Executive pointed to plans for historic enhancements to the County’s 911 center as a top priority.

Steinhaus noted that this new second frequency could be used as a back up if the dispatch frequency failed for any reason. “We look at ways to provide the most effective, efficient and safe environment for our First Responders to work in and this goes a long way in meeting this objective. This ultimately translates to keeping our citizens safer,” he added.


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Last Updated: 4/15/2005