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January 4, 1999


Steinhaus Sends Ryan White Grant Resolution to County Legislature

Poughkeepsie, NY-- Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus today sent a resolution to the County legislature to incorporate the annual federal Ryan White C.A.R.E. Act grant, totaling $1,220,662, into the County budget. "The sole purpose of the Ryan White C.A.R.E. Act funds is to support and enhance local community services for persons and families affected by HIV and AIDS," said County Executive William Steinhaus. "Presently there are 1227 reported cases of AIDS in the county."

Steinhaus first initiated application for the funding. at the end of 1994. Since than the effort to secure the grant dollars has resulted in an increase of more than 200%. Just since last year it was an increase of 43%, up from $854,481 to 1,220,662.

"What I find personally disturbing is the children who are either infected by AIDS or affected because their parents have AIDS," Steinhaus said, "This grant gives the county the opportunity to provide an Affected Children's Service. Included in this service is what is called Temporary Guardianships which are for the children once their parents can no longer care for them."

The Dutchess County Health Department also uses the Ryan White Title 1 Grant to provide other services such as case management, transportation services, home delivered meals, primary care, legal services and emergency financial help. The county has also provided a drop-in center at Family Partnership on North Hamilton Street where they provide case management services, social events, such as holiday meals, and even a computer which provides access to the Internet. "Using the added money we received this year we hope to provide additional services in 1999," Steinhaus said. "These would include drug abuse services and case finding services." A case finding service would allow the county to reach out into the community to new AIDS victims and families.

The Health Department contracts with certain service agencies to implement the goals of the grant. Through these agencies the county provides what is known as Aides Related Community Services or "'ARCS". "Our emphasis has always been to create effective public/private partnerships. This approach has produced successful services through these ARCS for four years now," the County Executive said. These community agencies are Volunteers of America, Dutchess Outreach, the Catherine Street Community Center, Family Services, St. Francis Hospital and the Family Residence Heath Center.

Steinhaus added, "When Dutchess first became eligible for Ryan White C.A.R.E. Act funding, I envisioned an opportunity to improve the level of health and human services available in our county for persons infected with and families affected by HIV disease. The Ryan White Grants have made it possible to -fulfill this vision without the use of county tax dollars for these necessary services."

The 43% increase for 1999 was based on two considerations. The first consideration was the increase in reported cases of AIDS. The second consideration was how the county planned to spend the money. "Our community planning council and staff involved in the planning of this program made sure that the standards of care where always kept high and that outcome measures were put in place to ensure that the program would be effective," Said Steinhaus. "I extend congratulations and thanks for their commitment."

The Ryan White C.A.R.E. grants were named after a young hemophiliac who contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion. "After the nation watched the brave innocent young boy battle with the disease, I think it's an appropriate way to remember his heroism," Steinhaus said.



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