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January 20, 1999


County Executive Seeks Support for New LOOP Buses

Poughkeepsie, NY -- Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus will urge legislative authorization this week of a resolution to establish the necessary capital accounts to purchase new buses for the LOOP Bus System. The county is purchasing five 45 passenger buses and eleven smaller transit vehicles to replace existing buses that are presently in operation.  The legislature will discuss this matter during its upcoming committee meeting tomorrow Thursday, January 21 and its full board meeting next Monday, January 25.

"These new buses are upgrades that will guarantee our fleet is always modern, reliable, and most important, that they are always safe for our residents," said the County Executive. "Our ridership was up 3% this past year which means that more than 800,000 passengers relied on the LOOP Bus System in 1998."

All the new buses will be handicapped accessible, Other new improvements in the vehicles will be a longer life expectancy.  "The smaller buses that we are replacing previously had a lifetime of five years," said Assistant Planning and Development's Commissioner, Rich Birch. "The state approved small buses that we are now requesting have a lifetime of ten years. This  means that instead of purchasing two buses every ten years we only need to purchase one."

The new buses will cost $2,389,200, of which 90% will be funded by federal and state aid. Federal aid will cover $1,910,400, state aid will cover $238,800 and the remaining $240,000 is the county's responsibility. The county will issue a bond for its portion and this week the legislature must also authorize the bond. In August 1998 the Legislature approved the filing for the grant application to purchase these vehicles.

"Last year we added six new buses and a trolley bus to our fleet," said County Executive William Steinhaus. "The next step in maintaining a modem public transportation system after the legislature approves these resolutions is for the county to make a bond offering and solicit bids for the new vehicles."

The buses purchased last year and the new buses that will be purchased in 1999 are easily recognizable by their colorful new design. The vehicles are blue and are decorated with various local historic sites. Delivery of the 11 smaller vehicles is expected this year and the 5 larger buses are due in the year 2000.



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