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William R. Steinhaus
Dutchess County Executive
(845) 486-2000

March 16, 1999


County Executive Seeks Local Input on Youth

Poughkeepsie, NY - County Executive William R. Steinhaus is encouraging local residents, both young and old, to participate in the Children's Services Council's up coming April Town Meetings to discuss "Investing In Our Kids" The six Town Meetings, to be held in various locations throughout the county, provide local residents, business leaders, neighborhood associations, and organizations the opportunity to discuss how best to invest local resources to improve outcomes for children, youth and families.

"Today's focus is on promoting healthy child and youth development for all kids to encourage them to grow into healthy, competent, caring adults," states Steinhaus. "This emphasis involves the community as a whole not just schools. We also want to build more interpersonal, intergenerational relationships by involving the youth, parents, neighborhoods, religious organizations, youth service providers, business community, heath care, and local municipal representatives."

The Children's Services Council has been conducting a comprehensive needs assessment that looks at both county-wide and local issues for youth ages 0 - 20. The Town Meetings will review the county wide data and present the local sub-geographic findings. Participants will have the opportunity to provide their comments on the local needs and priorities for youth and will be asked to identify the top needs. "This valuable information will guide the allocation of funding for local children and youth programming," states Steinhaus. "The information will also be used by the Children's Services Council to assist local communities in finding new resources to fill local needs."

He continues, "Many of us are familiar with the general issues that our youth face - increasing academic standards, lack of things to do in supervised setting , more violence, increasing substance use--to name few. The Town Meeting setting allows us as citizens to have conversations with the youth on how we best can meet their needs. Working together, we can help our youth to succeed."

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