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April 6, 1999


County Executive Coordinates Agencies to Enhance Hyde Park Region

Poughkeepsie, NY - County Executive William R. Steinhaus has placed a resolution before the Dutchess County Legislature this week to implement one of the major initiatives in his 1999 State of the County address. The initiative is a combination of two components. One component is the reconstruction of County Route 40-A, more commonly known as St Andrews Road. The other component, which the County Executive would like to implement at the same time, is the construction of a water pipeline that will eventually serve the Route 9G and Harbourd Hills area of Hyde Park.

"With planning and foresight this project will avoid the drawback that occurs too frequently with road rehabilitation projects where a road is newly paved and within a year or two its torn up for some other infrastructure improvement," noted Steinhaus. "In this case the road is in need of repair now while the water project is approximately one year away. It just makes sense to do both projects now, rather than disrupt traffic again next year and dig up and repair the new pavement."

St. Andrews Road, originally designed and constructed in 1973, connects Route 9 and 9G in the Town of Hyde Park and carries an average 9000 vehicle a days. Existing and proposed commercial development near the Route 9 intersection will further increase traffic. The nearly mile long project will include full depth reconstruction of the roadway. Five feet wide paved shoulders will be added so that pedestrians and bicyclists may also enjoy this stretch road. Included will be the improvement of existing drainage and installation of guide rails. The cost of this project will be funded from existing county road bonds for an estimated $850,000.

As part of this St. Andrews Road Department of Public Works (DPW) project, the county's Water and Wastewater Authority (WWA) is coordinating construction of a water pipeline that will eventually serve the Route 9G and Harbourd Hills area. This section of pipeline will require an $800,000 funding commitment from the county. The necessary bonding resolution to finance the cost is being considered by committee on Thursday, April 8 and by the full Legislature on Monday, April 12.

"The combined projects of water and highway infrastructure are critical investments for Hyde Park," said Steinhaus. "The water project is part of our long-term regional plan to provide the necessary quantity and quality of water to homeowners and businesses. The highway project will serve tens of thousands of motorists on this major east/west corridor."

Steinhaus called together the county's WWA and DPW, who developed a coordinated schedule to ensure an efficient, well designed and planned project. The construction of both the roadway construction and the pipeline installation is scheduled to begin in early June of 1999. It is anticipated that the project will be completed by November 1999.

"Placing the pipeline at this time will save money for taxpayers and ratepayers," Steinhaus said.   "Expansion of the Hyde Park Water Service is a priority for the Authority because we have excess capacity," said Scott Chase, Executive Director of the WWA. "The more customers we can serve, the lower the cost of water per customer."

Steinhaus noted much early ground work has been done including a recent endorsing resolution of the water project by the Hyde Park Town Board and numerous meetings with key Hyde Park County Legislators like, Mark Sheedy and Noreen Reilly, to help advance the project in a timely fashion. "This pipeline will open up several potential areas in Hyde Park to receive quality water," noted Steinhaus. "It could help serve as many as 375 households."



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