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William R. Steinhaus
Dutchess County Executive
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May 6, 1999


Total Quality Management Initiative Creates Cost Savings
Ulster County to Benefit Also

Poughkeepsie, NY - Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus is pleased to announce that the successful partnership between the Department of Public Works (DPW) and
Dutchess Community College (DCC) has resulted in a savings of $6211. Dutchess Community College has agreed to provide a custom training program for AutoCAD training of DPW Technicians and Engineers at a reduced cost compared to the cost DPW incurred prior to the partnership.

According to County Executive Steinhaus, this partnership was the result of a Functional Improvement Team, or FIT team, within DPW which was formed to find a creative solution for training engineers and technical staff in a cost effective manner. "FIT teams are part of the County's Total Quality Management program which calls upon employees to help find ways to make county government run more efficiently," Steinhaus said. "Thanks to this particular team, we are saving taxpayer money while providing specialized training for county employees."

AutoCAD software helps designers create details and plans used for sign locations, roadway reconstruction and bridge reconstruction. Recent projects developed using the AutoCAD system have been the Meyers Comers Road reconstruction in Wappingers, St. Andrews Road reconstruction in Hyde Park, and the Harlem Valley Rail Trail. "Using this software speeds up work, saves time and, by doing the work in-house and not hiring outside consultants, even greater savings are realized," Steinhaus noted.

The DPW FIT team worked with DCC to design a customized training course with DPW engineers in mind.  "We are very happy with the program so far," said Jim DeCicco of the DPW Engineering Division. "Since we were able to train our staff well under budget, we are now planning advanced training sessions." DPW's budget is $3000 for training and originally contracted with a private firm to train their staff for $900.00 per person. DCC has agreed to hold training classes for twelve students for a total of $1742.

Ulster County DPW has been invited to take part in the classes and will pay $760, thus reducing the County's cost even more. Now for training eight DPW engineers our cost is only $989 whereas, prior to the FIT team, it would have cost the county $7,200.

"These examples are proof that the Total Quality Management program is an asset to the taxpayers of the county," said Steinhaus. "In the future, I hope to expand this program so county residents can reap even more rewards."


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