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Dutchess County Executive
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July 22, 1999


Commitment to the East End of Main St. in Beacon
Increases to $1,585,000


Poughkeepsie, NY - County Executive William R. Steinhaus joined other officials today to celebrate the renovation of  four abandoned buildings on the east end of Main Street in Beacon.

"We in County government are proud to be a part of the partnership that made this neighborhood revitalization project possible," Steinhaus said. "But the benefits of this project extend far beyond the benefit to people seeking much-needed affordable housing and developing commercial storefronts, the benefits of this project also impact those property owners who live in the area because it continues to bring the area back to life. This initiative is about more than bricks and mortar, it's about the quality of life for Beacon residents."

Dutchess County forged a partnership with the Community Preservation Corporation (CPQ and the Dutchess Development Company to refurbish the buildings. The County provided $290,000 in HOME Investment Partnership funds, of which approximately $160,000 was a deferred payment loan and the balance, $130,000, was a zero percent interest loan.

With the completion of this project, 52 units have been completed on the east end of Main Street in Beacon with County financing," Steinhaus noted. "In addition to the projects we completed jointly with CPC, the county is involved in 21 additional units which are either under construction or about to begin construction."

"When everything is said and done, our County's total financial commitment to revitalizing the east end of  Main Street in Beacon will be $1,585,000 to date." Steinhaus added.

The buildings celebrated today will house ten apartments and four storefronts. Four apartments will be set aside for households making less than 60 percent of the county median income. In an effort to maintain the original flavor of the buildings, the City of Beacon provided the developer with a $30,000 Facade Improvement loan. The Facade Improvement Program was also developed and is administered by Dutchess County through its Planning and Development Department.

"Together with the County's efforts to convince the Dia Arts Center Museum to come to .Beacon, our county IDA support of the recent Leonardo Da Vinci horse which was festively displayed at Tallix, and our County assistance with the Beacon Waterfront development, all these combined strategies continue to create a terrific economic rebirth in Beacon," Steinhaus concluded. "As a former Beacon resident I am delighted to be part of Beacon's success."



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