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July 29, 1999


Big Blue's Growth In East Fishkill Continues, Global Services Call Center to Employ 550

Poughkeepsie, NY - County Executive William R. Steinhaus today announced that the IBM Corporation is strengthening their commitment to Dutchess County and New York State's future with a $3.96 million expansion project at its Global Services Call Center at the Hudson Valley Research Park (HVRP) in East Fishkill. The project will eventually create 150 new jobs and bring total employment for this portion of the IBM presence to 550 workers.

"The further expansion of IBM bears witness to the economic development success that Dutchess County has achieved in recent years," said Steinhaus. "In 1993, our economic development team and I created a multi-dimensional strategy which has resulted in 60 new, diversified companies moving into Dutchess County and 8000 new jobs being created. Throughout this process Governor Pataki's supportive policies were instrumental in assisting our efforts. We are delighted these strategies have also encouraged IBM to continue and to enhance its presence in the County."

Steinhaus noted, "IBM will invest $3.96 million to renovate and equip office space at HVRP to meet the increased needs of its customers. The project will create 150 jobs which are in addition to 400 jobs IBM committed to retain and create as part of the original call center expansion we announced in 1997. Our policies at the County level have been complimented and supported by Governor Pataki's aggressive and successful policies at the State level."

Governor George E. Pataki said, "IBM is once again responding to our tax cuts and progrowth policies with economic development and job creation for the Hudson Valley. Our commitment to reducing taxes, slashing workers' compensation rates and cutting red tape has resulted in more than 488,000 new jobs across New York and a brighter future for all New Yorkers."

"Dutchess County was competing with Colorado and North Carolina for these investment dollars," Steinhaus added. "But with the help of the strategies and economic development tools we have put in place in recent years, IBM has chosen to expand its investment in Dutchess County." The economic tools developed and employed by Steinhaus' economic development team, 'Team Dutchess,' were 1993 and 1994 State of the County initiatives such as the Economic Development Zone (EDZ) program which includes the East Fishkill site, the marketing relationship forged between Dutchess County and IBM, and the Dutchess County IDA grants which have encouraged new hires.

"Our initiatives have created a very diverse workforce and pool of employers," Steinhaus commented. "From the 1500 jobs the GAP will create to those of IBM and Sikorsky Helicopter, Dutchess County has succeeded in attracting a variety of good jobs for all skill levels."

In November 1997, County Executive Steinhaus joined Governor Pataki and CEO of IBM, Louis V. Gerstner, in Manhattan when IBM announced it was making the largest industrial investment in State history - $700 million- to build the world's most advanced computer chip development facility at HVRP, creating 400 new jobs. Also part of that announcement was IBM's decision to invest $ 10 million to establish a Global Services Support Center at HVRP. IBM's Global Services, with operations in 164 countries, is the worlds leading provider of professional and network services. IBM is now investing almost $4 million more to expand its Global Services Call Center at HVRP.

Richard K. Wood, Jr., Director of Corporate Development for IBM, said, "This latest expansion in the Global Services Call Center is driven by growth in IBM's services business. We looked nationwide for possible expansion sites, including Boulder, Colorado and Charlotte, North Carolina. Expanding our operations in Dutchess County, New York was the right business decision for IBM. The improved business climate in New York and our partnership with Governor Pataki along with the assistance of Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus made this deal possible."

Assemblyman Pat Manning said, "IBM and the Hudson Valley have always been partners, but it took Governor Pataki and Bill Steinhaus' leadership to strengthen those ties. I commend both of them, as well as Louis Gerstner, for their commitment to our region."

Charles A. Gargano, Commissioner of Empire State Development, said, "Governor Pataki's pro-growth policies are making New York a more business-friendly state, allowing us to compete and win large economic development commitments from IBM and other nationwide companies. IBM's decision proves, once again, that jobs are created when taxes are cut. IBM's latest investment is great news for the Mid Hudson region and a tremendous vote of confidence in the economic future of the Empire State."

"The Dutchess County IDA is proud to be part of IBM's continued and increasing presence in our County and looks forward to continuing to work with IBM to continue their expansion of employment in Dutchess County," said Michael Tomkovitch, Dutchess County IDA Chairman.


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