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September 27, 1999

Steinhaus Secures Land to Expand Appalachian Trail

Poughkeepsie, NY - County Executive William R. Steinhaus today sign a resolution insuring that a 17.9 acre plot of land in the Town of Pawling remains as undeveloped open space by selling the land to the National Park Service. The land will then be used as part of the Appalachian Trail.

"Protecting undeveloped land protects the ambience of the county as well as gives our children's children an opportunity to experience the natural beauty many of us take for granted," Steinhaus said. "It is our rural scenery that attracts new residents and also protects and increases property values."

The county originally acquired the land after the prior owners defaulted on their county, town and school taxes amounting to $8,400. Since the property is a steep parcel of land which will make development difficult, and since it was adjacent to the existing Appalachian Trail, the county felt it was a perfect fit. "Normally the Appalachian Trail has a buffer of 1000 feet surrounding the trail itself, putting distance between the trail and any road or development," Steinhaus noted. "But presently the section of the trail which borders the property we are selling is only 300 feet wide. Once this property exchanges hands, this section of the Appalachian Trail will have ample buffer and
will not be subjected to development in the future."

"The exciting aspect of this deal is that it is consistent with my administration's approach to protecting open space and our Greenway initiative," Steinhaus said. "And in this situation the county can protect a natural resource while getting paid for it."

The National Parks Service will pay $19,700 for the property, plus pay the back taxes and any filing fees.


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