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William R. Steinhaus
Dutchess County Executive
(845)  486-2000

October 25, 1999

Steinhaus Accepts New York Association of Youth
Bureaus' Top Honor

Poughkeepsie, NY - County Executive William R. Steinhaus will be presented the Association of New State Youth Bureaus' Annual "Bill Bub Award" for his efforts in serving the youth of Dutchess County. The award will be presented at the Association's 26th Annual Conference at the Nevele Grande Hotel tomorrow, Tuesday October 26, 1999. Since 1982, this award has been presented to those who have made outstanding and significant contributions in serving the youth of their communities.

"It is quite an honor to be recognized for actions to which I have committed so much time and energy. The youth of Dutchess County are the pillars on which we must build our future. The stronger we make our pillars, the more stalwart and secure our future will be," Steinhaus stated.

Said Matt B. Murell, President of the New York State Association of Youth Bureaus, "Within the YouthBureau System, the Bill Bub Award is a tremendous honor. Youth advocates from across New York State have received this award. This award is awarded to champions of youth development and primary prevention for all youth within a community."

One of Steinhaus' major contributions to youth issues is his "Children's Services Council" (CSC) initiative. The CSC is a collaborative partnership with the Dutchess County Department of Social Services (DSS), United Way, Youth Bureau, schools and numerous other public and private organizations representing the interests of children. Its purpose is to increase public awareness of youth issues, raise new resources, publish a status report on issues surrounding youth and family and have a "single conversation" about youth issues.

"Until the Children's Services Council, there existed a fragmented group of organizations that helped youth and families," noted Steinhaus. "The CSC became a unifying force that helped create a cohesive approach to youth services, eliminated waste and will help allocate resources more efficiently."

Another initiative that earned Steinhaus the honor of such an award was the creation of the Criminal Justice Council to do cross planning, reduce recidivism, and promote fair and equitable justice. "Part of helping youth and families is providing them with the developmental assets to prevent, and even break the cycle of crime and poverty," Steinhaus said. "The Criminal Justice Council helps prevent individuals from slipping through the cracks and, therefore, places high risk youth on a path to a successful future."

Steinhaus has also helped lower unemployment rates which has a dramatic impact on youth and families."Through our various welfare to work initiatives we have collaborated with BOCES, Dutchess Community College, as well as the business community to help provide our youth with the business skills they will need to become productive, self sufficient members of the community." Steinhaus added.

"Having worked hand in hand with the County Executive for the past eight years, I know how driven he is to provide our youths with the assets they need to fulfill their dreams," said Betsy Brockway, Director of the Dutchess County Youth Bureau. "His vision has enabled the Youth Bureau to make an impact on the community and I'm glad to see him accept this award."

The Bill Bub Award is named after William J. Bub, who was founding president of the Association of New York State Youth Bureaus. His professional career spanned most aspects of youth work, from operation of recreation programs in small rural communities in his early years, to successfully developing legislation that ultimately provided significant increases in State aid to communities.


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