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News Release    

August 13, 2003

Steinhaus Congratulates Area Cadets

County Executive Steinhaus today hosted three area cadets from the Civil Air Patrol, US Air Force Auxiliary, Dutchess County Composite Squadron. C/2nd Lt. John Farruggella of Wappingers Falls, C/2nd Lt. Ron Holder of Pleasant Valley and C/CMSgt Werner Stiegler of Hopewell Junction were congratulated in Mr. Steinhaus’s office for receiving the General Billy Mitchell Award for completing the second phase of a four-phase program.

“It’s a good feeling to know our county has such fine young men ready, willing and awarded to serve us during these uncertain times,” said Steinhaus. “I am proud to have met and glad to know each one of these fine young men. They should be truly proud of their achievement,” added Steinhaus.

Captain Barry said, “Statistics indicate that 10% of all Military Academy Cadets come have Civil Air Patrol experience. It’s even more interesting to know that only 10% of Civil Air Patrol Cadets achieve the General Billy Mitchell Award.

I’m extremely proud of my cadets; they worked very very hard to achieve this award. They bring honor not only to CAP but to Dutchess County,” said, Major Gladys Suessle, of the Dutchess County Civil Air Patrol Squadron.
This award is given to cadets who have passed physical fitness, moral leadership and aerospace education tests. Together with Captain Kevin Barry of the Civil Air Patrol and Squadron Major Gladys Suessle, County Executive Steinhaus presented each cadet with a Dutchess County proclamation. The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a branch of the US Air Force who, among other missions, conduct search-and-rescue efforts in a geographic area for downed aircraft. CAP is a volunteer organization whose core values promote leadership, fairness, dignity and respect.

(From left to right: Major Gladys Suessle, C/CMSgt Werner Stiegler of Hopewell Junction, Lt. Ron Holder of Pleasant Valley, C2nd Lt. John Farruggella of Wappingers Falls, Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus)

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