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News Release    

August 14, 2003

County Executive Announces Funding for Continued Health Services

Poughkeepsie… County Executive William R. Steinhaus is pleased to announce the county has formally accepted $351,720 in federal and state funding to continue preventative health measures for the residents of Dutchess County.

According to Steinhaus, “These funds represent an assurance to our residents that the much-needed services our county department of health has provided in the past will continue at a 100% level.”

Despite human services budgetary constraints of recent past, county officials have been aggressive in monitoring application deadlines to secure funding in all areas of preventative medicine.

Healthy Heart will receive $45,000 in state aid to continue efforts in promoting wellness in the work place. Funds are used specifically to reduce the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases at twelve designated worksites in the Dutchess/Putnam area. St. Francis Hospital of Poughkeepsie has been recruited to administer the program as a subcontractor. Classes are set up to generate an increase in physical activity, education and workshops on stress and weight management. This funding is for the period 7/1/03 – 3/31/04. -more-

Immunization Program will continue at its 100% funding level for the county’s childhood immunization program. A total of $142,996 in state funds will be used to conduct countywide program outreach and community based education to raise and/or maintain the county’s 90% 2-year-old childhood immunization level. This funding is for the period 4/1/03 – 3/31/04.

Lyme Disease will receive $84,752 in federal monies to fully fund county geographic mapping of Lyme Disease morbidity, implementation of population strategies, active surveillance, intervention and data analysis of human Lyme Disease cases. Continuing education in our area will also be a big part of this initiative. The funding period for this grant is 4/15/03 – 3/14/04.

STD outreach will continue its funding at 100%, receiving $27,273 in state monies for the period 4/1/03 – 3/31/04 to provide services and education to high-risk individuals. This funding aids the Dutchess County Department of Health to establish services and community advocacy in non-traditional as well as traditional settings to assist youth, battered women, the alcohol and drug detoxification population, the homeless and parolee/probation constituencies.

TB prevention will receive $51,699 in state funds to fully fund TB outreach, education and community services. This funding is for the period 2/1/03 – 1/31/04.


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