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News Release    

August 15, 2003

Steinhaus Meets the John J. Harvey on the Poughkeepsie Waterfront

County Executive Steinhaus today joined the “Blue Links” Tour of the Hudson River as they docked at the Poughkeepsie Waterfront at 1PM on Friday. Making stops along the Hudson on their annual 10-day tour, the 1931 built, John Jay Harvey, is an old fashion fireboat that was bought at auction in 1999 by a group of vessel enthusiasts who have brought the vessel back to life.

County Executive Steinhaus welcomed the ships crew by stating, “You provide the waterfall spray and we’re happy to provide our Hudson view.” Onlookers from the crew exasperated what a beautiful Poughkeepsie day it was.

The goal of the “Blue Links” tour is to demonstrate the tremendous value of piers, docks, and vessel landings along the Hudson River and to identify places where new such landings ought to be made. The John J. Harvey is one of three restored vessels that travel the Hudson yearly providing “floating classrooms” for all who meet up with them.

Steinhaus said, “Tourism is a major generator to the county’s economy. Working through collaborations, I am dedicated to utilizing the Hudson River to draw even more people to the majestic Hudson Valley. The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance is another resource for the county discuss achieving this goal.”

The John J. Harvey gave tours and rides along Poughkeepsie’s waterfront from 2-4PM on Friday as it made its way up to Troy. It will return in all of its glory, Friday, August 22, to the Poughkeepsie dock at 3PM. For more information call the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance at 1-800-364-9943 or log-on to www.waterwire.net

County Executive William R. Steinhaus with Carter Craft, Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, aboard the John J. Harvey, 5/15/03, Poughkeepsie Waterfront


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