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News Release    

August 20, 2003

Steinhaus Takes Eastern Dutchess Government Center to Next Step

This week County Executive Steinhaus brought senior county officials and department head commissioners from the Heath Department, Department of Mental Hygiene, Department of Social Services, Probation, Dept. of Public Works and Planning to the former Millbrook Infirmary site to discuss next steps in refurbishing this center for needed county services at what will become the Eastern Dutchess Government Center.

Steinhaus stated, “My goal was to get everyone involved in the same room at the same time to get this project rolling.”

An Eastern Dutchess Government Service Center would provide physical facilities for county departments to set up shop in Millbrook. Establishing county offices on county owned property at the former Infirmary site removes the burden of residents residing in eastern and central Dutchess from traveling into the City of Poughkeepsie for needed county services.

Each commissioner was asked to re-evaluate the scope of planned services outlined in a study conducted two years ago to validate that current needs and future projections of services in the report were on track. Most notably, Mental Hygiene care, and Health Department services, which had been provided at that site, would return in newly renovated, accessible, space.

“One-stop shopping is the direction we are heading for this center, “stated Dr. Kenneth Glatt, Commissioner of Dutchess County Mental Hygiene. “By returning to the eastern tier, residents will no doubtedly benefit by our services, and to have health and social services under the same roof, well I can’t think of a better collaboration for clients.”

The Department of Public Works will retain an architectural firm to develop a schematic design and budget for the new facility which could include renovations and new construction.


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