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News Release    

October 17, 2003


Dover Subdivision Promotes Greenway Principles

A 15-unit subdivision is proposed on a hundred-acre tract between the Stone Church and hamlet boundaries in Dover Plains. Recently mined for gravel, this parcel lies within the view shed from the Stone Church property. The subdivision has recently been the topic of meetings between County Executive William R. Steinhaus, his Planning staff, Dover Supervisor Jill Way, and the developers.

“I am pleased that the Town, County and private sector are working on this subdivision in such a cooperative manner,” said the County Executive. “Not only is it a model for advancing Greenway goals, but it may also serve as a model of cooperative decision making. I am asking the County Health Department and the Department of Planning and Development to do whatever is necessary to advance this project. When it is completed, it will inspire other Greenway communities to save environmental assets during the subdivision process.”

“The Stone Church is a special place,” said Supervisor Jill Way, “and we are looking for ways to save the view shed while allowing development that is permitted in our zoning ordinance.” Supervisor Way had discussed the dilemma with County Executive William Steinhaus, seeking ways the countywide Greenway principles could be applied.  Steinhaus organized a meeting among the developers, Randallo, Inc., the Town and County planners. “I was pleased with the spirit of the meeting,” said Randy Oser one of the developers. “Instead of finding fault with our subdivision plans, both the County and the Town looked for practical solutions.”

Since the August meeting in the County Executive’s Office, Randallo, Inc. has been busy trying to accommodate desires of the County and the Town by reducing lot sizes (consistent with a village scale) and leaving about seventy percent of the site to be permanently undeveloped. The Dover Planning Board was able to review a revised plan on September 16.

“We were so pleased at the concept presented by Randallo, Inc.,” said Planning Board Chair Ann Larson. “The concept plan shows a sensitive balance between the right to develop and the need to protect community values and assets.” Nancy Clark of Chazen Engineering agreed the concept plan is excellent while noting that studies will need to be conducted to ascertain, for example, the type of wastewater treatment system that will be required to accommodate the reduced lot sizes.

Steinhaus concluded, “Ideally, this is exactly the type of cooperative approach to local development that will speed the development process, as well as insure that all those involved come out as winners. I congratulate Supervisor Way for her commitment to Greenway principles and smart growth, and know residents of the town of Dover will benefit.”



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