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News Release    

January 15, 2004      

County Executive Announces $1.1 Million in Federal Dollars for Homeless Housing in Dutchess

Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus announced today a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) award of $1,177,923 to fund five homeless assistance programs and a required Homeless Management Information System to Dutchess County. Monies awarded focus on permanent housing for its recipients.

“Partnering with housing professionals in our community has once again pulled its weight in assisting some of the most vulnerable members of our population. This money will go to continue already established services initiated by Hudson River Housing and Gateway Community Industries to help this population with both transitional and permanent housing,” said County Executive Steinhaus. “Past successes with the County’s homeless housing services, which have been described by HUD as ‘impressive community-wide planning efforts’ has led to additional funding to the tune of over $300,000 to support Hudson River Housing’s Home Base permanent housing program,” he added.

HUD’s total award renews funding toward four projects in the county and grants $342,900 toward Hudson River Housing’s Home Base program. Home Base will be administered by Hudson River Housing to provide one and two bedroom units for homeless, chemically dependent, young adults (18-25 at time of admission). The goal of the program is to assist 45 individuals over a five-year period.

"We all know that without a 'home base,' survival becomes the primary focus and it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, let alone address goals. This is particularly true for chemically dependent young adults, who, even after successfully completing treatment, are at great risk of relapsing when they lack stable housing and support. We look forward to bringing these vulnerable young adults, opportunity to continue their recovery, re-build positive relationships, and create bright futures for themselves and their children,” noted Gail Webster, Executive Director, Hudson River Housing.

Steinhaus added, “Helping our young people as they enter adulthood is key to offering them an opportunity that they may not have had along the way. Giving them a chance is also an opportunity to their joining our community.”

Renewal projects include:

  • Gateway Community Industries/Supportive Housing Program (Permanent Housing) - Provides one bedroom apartments with support services for homeless adults recovering from mental illness/substance abuse. The program will assist 8 individuals over a three-year period. $119,992

  • Hudson River Housing/Hillcrest House (Transitional Housing) - Provides 55 units of transitional housing for homeless individuals. The program will assist 170 individuals over a three-year period. $416,526

  • Hudson River Housing/Shelter Plus Care (Permanent Housing) - Provides 10 units of scattered site permanent housing for up to 20 persons with serious mental illness. The program will assist 20 persons over the one-year grant period. $118,080

  • Rehabilitation Support Services/Shelter Plus Care (Permanent Housing) - Provides 15 units of housing and case management services to homeless individuals who have mental illness and chemical abuse (MICA). The program will assist 15 persons over a one-year period. $153,180

“Gateway Community Industries, Inc. is pleased to receive the successful renewal of these funds for our MICA program. With these funds we will continue to support up to 8 individuals in their quest for permanent housing in the Dutchess County area. These individuals have developed safe community connections, good support systems within the county, and stability that had been previously unaffordable because of the lack of housing subsidies available. These men and women have successfully addressed their mental health and substance abuse issues while securing employment and housing for their future. We look forward to continued support and success within the program as we look to the future,” said Darcy McCourt, Director of Residential Services.

In addition, $27,245 of the grant was awarded to the Dutchess County Department of Planning and Development so they may incorporate a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) as required by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.


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