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October 31, 2001


County Executive Proposes 2002 Budget With Property Tax Cut

Poughkeepsie. . .  County Executive William R. Steinhaus announced today the Dutchess County 2002 Executive Budget to be forwarded to the County Legislature tomorrow, November 1, will again cut property taxes for homeowners and businesses for the seventh time in the 10 budgets he has prepared.  The 2002 Steinhaus budget will also set the property tax levy lower in 2002 than it was when he was first elected County Executive in 1992.

The 2002 budget will once again provide for a county-wide property tax cut.  Spending growth has been tightly limited at only 1.5%, well below the inflation rate.  The 2002 budget proposes an appropriation of $293.5 million, or an increase of $4.4 million above the modified 2001 budget. 

The County Executive noted, “The world is a different place since September 11, and the attack on America.  All governments, including Dutchess County, now must deal with a different set of realities.  In addition, the State of New York’s adoption of a so-called ‘baseline’ budget has created an extraordinary set of dominoes impacting county budgets all across New York State.  The combination of the September 11 attack, along with the State’s baseline budget has caused a whole new set of factors and variables that can best be described as causing great uncertainty in our attempts to develop our 2002 workplan.”

“My goal, as always, is to provide the important traditional core services that county residents have come to expect and to do so in an effective and efficient way, always looking to cut property taxes whenever possible.  However, America is at war and facing an elusive enemy, and it was my steadfast goal to find a way to not raise taxes while our country is at war.”

"This budget does include areas of additional expense for public safety, physical security, health precautions and emergency response initiatives following the September 11 attacks.  The budget could best be described as one which sustains our traditional services. I have also included targeted enhancements in specific areas where I felt we could avoid future costs, or by spending current dollars to promote other benefits in the future.  Some areas targeted for additional resources will include services for victims of domestic violence, child protective services, expansion of funds for day care, and health services for uninsured families, children and the elderly.  Also, additional county dollars are being committed for highway infrastructure to make up for lost State funds.”

The Executive will release a more detailed narrative on Thursday when the budget is delivered to the Legislature, as well as line items detailing all expenses and revenues. 


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