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Dutchess County Executive
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Office for the Aging

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May 7, 2001

Steinhaus Announces $93,000 Family Caregivers Program

Poughkeepsie. . . Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus announced today the formal establishment of the Elder Caregiver Support Program in Dutchess County. "This $93,000 program with federal, state and county funding, is designed to help family caregivers across Dutchess County access services they need to assist them with their responsibilities," said Steinhaus.

In Dutchess County, the Elder Caregiver Support Program will offer such things as additional homecare services, caregiver support groups, counseling and training, services for grandparents raising grandchildren, case management and assistance services and additional Adult Day Care services. These include transportation, additional lifeline units, minor home modification projects, escorted transportation, friendly visiting, telephone reassurance, shopping assistance and information services for caregivers.

According to Dutchess County Office for the Aging Director John A. Beale, "These services will help families sustain their efforts to care for older relatives with serious or chronic illnesses or disabilities."

The New York State Office for the Aging has estimated that in New York Sate there are over 1.7 million family caregivers of frail and/or disabled elders, providing care to individuals requiring assistance with routine daily living tasks.

The National Family Caregiver Survey last year found 47 percent of family caregivers provide more than 40 hours of care per week and 73 percent provide at least 20 hours of care. Caregivers reported the most difficult aspects of caregiving are: finding the time to socialize with family and friends; the actual hands-on personal care they must provide; enlisting other relatives to help out and identifying affordable professional help. According to the survey, services identified by caregivers as services they would like to see increased include support groups, adult day care, homecare and transportation.

County Executive Steinhaus noted, "This program will enhance our ability to meet the needs of these caregivers and advance the work we are already doing through our Office for the Aging and other agencies. It will provide us with the necessary funds to provide a range of support services to larger numbers of caregivers across the county. Dutchess County is proud to be able to play a role in improving the health and quality of life for seniors, family caregivers and grandparents raising grandchildren."

A resolution to amend the county budget in order to commence the program will be submitted for consideration by the County Legislature at its June meeting. If the Legislature approves the budget adjustment, services funded under the program are scheduled to begin July 1.


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