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William R. Steinhaus, Dutchess County Executive
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April 23, 2002


County Executive Directs $286,800 to the Child Care Council of Dutchess for Early Intervention Services


Poughkeepsie… County Executive William R. Steinhaus has approved an agreement totaling $286,800 with the Child Care Council of Dutchess, Inc., formerly known as the Dutchess County Child Development Council, to provide Early Intervention services to very young children in Dutchess County. This program is administered by our Dutchess County Department of Health.

According to County Executive Steinhaus, ”Having a young child with special needs can present a unique challenge to families, who may need to learn new ways to care for their children and give them extra help and attention. Our Early Intervention program is designed to identify the special needs of children as early as possible and help these children and their families find the best way to handle their needs.”

Through the Dutchess County Early Intervention Program, the Child Care Council of Dutchess provides staff to support families with children from birth to three years of age with suspected developmental delays, as determined by qualified personnel. A developmental delay means a child is behind in at least one area of development, including:

§        Physical development

§        Cognitive development

§        Communication

§        Social-emotional development

§        Adaptive development

Initial service coordinators help parents schedule evaluations and develop an initial plan to meet the needs of the child and the family. The program is targeted at delivering these services to children in natural settings. These services might include audiology, speech-language pathology, vision services, physical therapy, and other services aimed at meeting children’s developmental needs and helping parents take care of their children.

Jeanne Wagner, Executive Director of the Child Care Council of Dutchess, reports, “The number of referrals annually to the Early Intervention Program had nearly doubled from 246 in 1993 to 488 in 2001, a true indicator of the need for this service.”

County Executive Steinhaus added, “Since 1993, the Dutchess County Early Intervention Program has been helping more and more families of young children with special needs find the services that will help them with the challenges they face. The program is a partnership between State, County and local government agencies, health care providers and parents to provide our children with the help they require, regardless of their income bracket.”

Information about the Early Intervention Program can be obtained by calling the Early Intervention Program at the Dutchess County Health Department, (845) 486-3403.


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