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William R. Steinhaus
Dutchess County Executive
Telephone:  (845) 486-2000
, FAX: (845) 486-2021,

February 15, 2002



Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus, announced, Dutchess County has obtained a New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) grant to provide technical assistance to explore and recommend opportunities to reduce energy and maintenance costs for three County facilities located at 27 High Street, 47 Cannon Street and 230 North Road.

“With the receipt of this grant, the administration’s foresight and hard work by Public Works staff in the area of energy conservation is starting to pay dividends for the County taxpayers.” stated County Executive Steinhaus, “Our efforts began last year with the creation of a task team we created to review NYSERDA incentives and energy performance contracting options. Preliminary energy audits were then performed on nine County facilities in 2001 to identify potential opportunities for energy savings. The three buildings chosen for the current project were identified as providing the greatest potential to cut our energy costs and increase the reliability of the buildings’ systems in those energy audits.”

“The administration’s goal is to implement the resulting energy saving recommendations from this study through the use of performance contracts.  Performance contracts allow the County to offset the costs of needed upgrades to the facilities with future energy savings that are guaranteed by the contractors. This cutting edge type of contracting allows us to install the most up-to-date energy efficient equipment, while minimizing the cost to the taxpayer,” noted Steinhaus.”

NYSERDA will initially contribute 50% of the $26,114 cost for project development services and engineering assistance to the County to increase the energy efficiency and reliability of the mechanical and electrical systems in these buildings.  Should the County choose to implement at least one of the resulting recommendations; NYSERDA may reimburse the County for the entire cost of the study

County Executive Steinhaus added, the County may be eligible for further NYSERDA grants to help implement the recommended upgrades. The amount of funding to be made available by the State will be linked to the energy savings to be realized by the projects. The State is offering these incentives, because energy conservation programs have proven to be more cost effective than the construction of additional power generating facilities. My administration will continue to aggressively seek State funding to reduce the costs to the County taxpayer for energy efficient upgrades, while striving to meet our energy conservation goals. Saving energy not only saves County dollars, but also conserves valuable non-renewable natural resources and reduces pollution,”


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