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July 20, 2000




Poughkeepsie - Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus and the American Heart Association, Dutchess County Region announced today that 1305 high school students in Dutchess County were trained in CPR and 639 of those students were certified in Basic Life Support during the 1999/2000 school years.

In making the announcement County Executive Steinhaus stated, "The intent of our initiative is to increase the chances of survival for victims of cardiac arrests in Dutchess County by increasing the number of citizens trained in CPR. Our stated objective is to train and certify 100 students each school year, so that achievement represents an unexpected and marvelous success."

Kathy Knauss of the American Heart Association, Dutchess County Region stated, "During this past academic year, 10 high schools in Dutchess County participated in this program with 17 teachers and 6 volunteers recruited from Alamo and Sloper-Willen Ambulance Services, the Dutchess County Department of Health and the American Heart Association."

In 1996 the American Heart Association initiated a school site CPR program. Supporting this effort, County Executive Steinhaus requested the County Departments of Health and Emergency Response to partner with the American Heart Association of Dutchess County and Laerdal, Inc.

Dutchess County Commissioner of Health, Dr. Michael Caldwell said, "it is a well-established fact that the best treatment a cardiac arrest victim can receive prior to the arrival of advanced care is CPR from a bystander."

With the availability of enhanced 911 services in Dutchess County, emergency medical dispatch also becomes available. Dispatchers are able to provide guidance to callers to give medical assistance to the victim at the scene. As active bystander involvement is increased, it becomes critical for every community member to become a part of the chain of survival by receiving CPR training.


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