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William R. Steinhaus
Dutchess County Executive
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April 17, 2001


Poughkeepsie. . . Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus announced the signing of an agreement for $267,900 with the YWCA that will provide for the continuance of services to victims of domestic violence. Grant money for the program was obtained through the County Department of Social Services.

"Unfortunately, as much as we hate the idea it exists, domestic violence is a reality and victims need a place to turn for immediate help and guidance. This program assures victims they are not alone and help is available," said the County Executive.

Non-residential program services offered by the YWCA include telephone hotline assistance, which provides immediate crisis intervention, counseling, information and referral services to victims over the telephone. The hotline is available 24 hours per day.

Information and referral services which meet the individual needs of victims of domestic violence, such as residential programs and medical services are available. The program also provides information and referral to community services and programs to alleged perpetrators and to family and household members where violence is an issue. Advocacy services, such as assistance in accessing legal remedies and protections and law enforcement personnel, obtaining medical care, social services, employment and housing and submitting public assistance applications are part of the program. Individual and group counseling stressing self-sufficiency and addresing the identified needs of the victims provide informative ways for the victims to seek available options.

Mr. Steinhaus added, "These services are for the victims and their families. But another part of the program incorporates educational activities with existing domestic violence outreach efforts. In this way, the community will become aware of the need for and benefits of domestic violence services, the dynamics of domestic violence and how it can be prevented. The service will focus on informing personnel of schools, police agencies, courts, hospitals and social service districts about the availability of non-residential services and providing outreach to identified populations. In the case of some victims, this knowledge could prove to be life saving."


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