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William R. Steinhaus
Dutchess County Executive
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February 15, 2002


Steinhaus Congratulates Wappinger

Town Adopts Greenway Connections


Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus has written today to the Wappinger Town Board to congratulate them for voting to join the Greenway Compact at their February 11, 2002 meeting.  Wappinger became the 20th municipality in Dutchess County to join the County’s Greenway Compact Program, a countywide initiative launched by County Executive William R. Steinhaus.  The Dutchess County Legislature also formally endorsed the Greenway Compact in November of 2000 at Steinhaus’ urging.

Steinhaus said, “I commend the Town Board for their unanimous vote.  Joining the Greenway Compact as the first order of business this year for the new Town Board is an important statement for the future of Wappinger.  The Greenway vision has been a cornerstone of my smart growth vision for the County, and I am grateful Wappinger has joined in that vision.”

Wappinger now becomes eligible for the full array of Greenway Compact benefits, including a higher level of planning grants, a five percent bonus rating on larger state grants for certain Greenway-related projects, indemnification from lawsuits against the adoption of regulations consistent with the Compact, and all the advantages from intermunicipal cooperation. 

The Greenway Compact is a voluntary program that asks communities to cross-reference the Greenway principles and guidelines in local regulations as a way of fostering good planning, a balance of environmental protection and economic development, and intergovernmental cooperation.  Because the program is based on incentives and guidelines, which are only advisory, the program offers a great deal of flexibility with no mandates or threat to home rule. 

The Executive said, “Dutchess County was the first county in the Hudson River Valley to produce a Greenway Compact program under the state Greenway Act of 1991.  Dutchess County’s Greenway Connections was commissioned by the Greenway Council as a model for other counties in the region.  Dutchess has, by far, the largest number of Greenway Compact members and a substantial advantage for state Greenway grant requests.”  The Executive noted, “Westchester is the only other county in the Valley with an approved Compact program and several municipal members thus far.”


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