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October 17, 2000      



Poughkeepsie -- County Executive William R. Steinhaus today hailed news that Dutchess County has earned the #6 ranking in the entire country for growth in household income. The Executive noted the news appeared in a story in the Monday, October 16, 2000 edition of the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal story explored communities such as Las Vegas and Austin, Texas that had experienced job growth and contrasted it with communities that had success in raising its wages and income for family households. The Wall Street Journal story listed the top ten communities in the U.S. for "growth in household income" with 1. Austin, Texas; 2. San Jose, California; 3. Seattle, Washington; 4. Kenosha, Wisconsin; 5. Yuba City, California; 6. Dutchess County, New York; 7. Lakeland, Florida; 8. Bryan Texas; 9. Denver, Colorado; and 10. St. Cloud, Minnesota. The article cites the WEB site "" for some of its data.

The County Executive said, "We have been relentless in working to retain and expand our existing businesses and in recruiting new businesses to come to Dutchess County. We believe we have an outstanding set of aggressive and effective strategies and policies to build new jobs and higher wage jobs for our county. Our comprehensive, multidimensional economic development blueprint has been based on a strategy of diversification. We have had success recruiting over 70 new businesses--including companies like Laerdal Medical Manufacturing, and the brand new Gap, Inc. Distribution Center--2,500 jobs--but also in expansion of existing businesses, such as Micrus/Phillips Semi Conductor in East Fishkill. We have focused on all sectors of our local economy including agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, high tech and health services, among others. Our unemployment rate is typically below 3% and we are a consistent leader in New York State in new jobs, particularly manufacturing jobs. The County Executive pointed out, "The great news is evidence we are adding quality wage jobs--not just minimum or low wage retail or service jobs." Steinhaus noted, "We are going to really have to work hard on our workforce development strategies if we want this national reputation to continue."

Steinhaus also noted the strong regional and New York State economy also adds to the Dutchess County success because some residents occupy jobs outside our borders that have quality salaries. "When one New York area community does well economically--many do," said Steinhaus.

The Executive recalled, "This is our second recent national recognition having been acknowledged as having one of the top ten economic development organizations/teams in the U.S. The icing on the cake, Steinhaus said, is that this national ranking as #6 is even before the 1,000 new jobs are added to the $2.5 Billion IBM project we announced last week--the largest private business project in the history of New York State. Once that payroll kicks in, it will create another multimillion dollar tidal wave of payroll multiplying and reinvesting across Dutchess County.

Lastly, Steinhaus said, "This is validation that all the great work done by our public/private partnership of government and business leaders is working. Our entire team of local government, county government, state officials like Governor Pataki, and our Team Dutchess including the Economic Development Corporation (EDC), Industrial Development Agency (IDA), Workforce Investment Board (WIB), Chambers of Commerce, etc. are all providing the kind of effective leadership needed to produce this national achievement.


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