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December 26, 2002

County Executive Steinhaus Orders 26 New Sheriff’s Vehicles


Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus announced today he is ordering 23 police-package equipped sedans plus three support vehicles for the Sheriff’s fleet.  The Steinhaus approval of the $590,000 expenditure is in response to a request from Sheriff Adrian Anderson. 

The purchase of most replacement vehicles planned for several county departments in 2002 was delayed in response to fiscal pressures caused by skyrocketing Albany-imposed Medicaid costs.  Despite those fiscal concerns, however, Steinhaus purchased 14 Sheriff’s vehicles earlier this year in order to maintain the Sheriff’s fleet at a state of effectiveness and safety.  The latest approval by the County Executive brings the total number of Sheriff’s fleet vehicles Steinhaus has approved since January 2002 to 37. 

County Executive William R. Steinhaus commented, “Current fiscal pressures require that every expense be analyzed closely.  Where we need to spend money to ensure the safety of our local residents and business, we will not hesitate to do so.  And in this case, I also want to be certain our Deputy Sheriffs have vehicles to operate that are safe.  Acquiring these replacement vehicles is a high priority of Sheriff Anderson and I want to support his request.” 

Sheriff Adrian “Butch” Anderson said, “The Sheriff’s Office deploys deputies all across our county all day, every day.  Maintaining our fleet at sufficient size and in good condition is essential in performing our duties.  I thank County Executive Bill Steinhaus and the Legislature for assisting this office with the purchase of these replacement vehicles given the fiscal constraints before him.” 

Legislation to fund the 2003 vehicle replacement program included in the county’s recently approved Capital Improvement Program will be forwarded to the County Legislature for final funding in January.


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