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October 22, 2002


Budget Casualties Caused by $40 Million Albany-Imposed Medicaid Costs


Poughkeepsie…In a letter mailed Monday, October 28, 2002  from Dutchess County Budget Director Kevin D. Fish, local libraries have learned that as a result of the required diversion of county money to the Albany-imposed mandated Medicaid program, the capability for county government to continue local library grants no longer exists -- thereby making county grants for community libraries the first announced 2003 budget casualty. 

Fish said, “It is with sincere regret and disappointment I must inform you county funds for local programs like libraries will have to be diverted to pay for these Albany-imposed mandates.  Therefore, the Dutchess County 2003 tentative budget will be unable to continue our county grants for local libraries.” 

According to Fish this difficult decision was made knowing there are several library districts within the county that retain independent taxing authority and are able to raise their own operating monies.  This is an alternative option for local libraries and in fact is a more reliable permanent revenue source.  He also pointed out the option exists for local libraries currently not part of a district to create a new independent and more stable guaranteed source of long-term funding where local residents can decide directly the level of financial support they want to provide their neighborhood libraries. 

Fish concluded, “We felt it important that you have maximum time available to begin exploring these options and/or alternative funding relationships, again should that be your choice.” 

The letter was also copied to Supervisors and Mayors of towns, villages and cities recognizing their libraries may request local assistance for those local community libraries.


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