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William R. Steinhaus
Dutchess County Executive
Telephone:  (845) 486-2000
, FAX: (845) 486-2021,

March 5, 2001


Maternity Clinic Services Guaranteed by County for Eastern Dutchess Residents

Poughkeepsie...Dutchess County Executive, William R. Steinhaus, announced he has signed an agreement in the amount of $65,000 that will ensure the operation of a maternity clinic to serve low-income pregnant women who reside in the eastern towns of Dutchess County.

Said the County Executive, "Since most clinics operate from hospitals, this is a unique public-private partnership. The Eastern Dutchess Maternity Clinic, which is operated by the Dutchess County Department of Health, has created a community model that combines the best practices from public health nursing with the obstetrical and clinical services of Sharon OB-GYN, Inc. and Sharon Hospital of Sharon, Connecticut. This year marks the 33rd anniversary of this unique cooperative program."

The public health nurses provide clinical and home visiting services that support early and regular prenatal care and education, and meetings with a nutritionist stress the important role of good eating habits in developing a healthy pregnancy. Patient education is the cornerstone of the Eastern Dutchess Maternity Clinic, and the staff has been successful in removing some of the barriers to prenatal care, reducing low birth weight and late entry into prenatal care and improving the rate of postpartum visits.

Mr. Steinhaus added,  "This program is a prime example of how government steps in when necessary. We believe that no woman in Dutchess County should arrive at delivery without prenatal care and the knowledge necessary to achieve a safe, healthy pregnancy. This agreement is an example of a working partnership that allows us to meet our responsibilities by working with our neighbors and our community."


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