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William R. Steinhaus
Dutchess County Executive
(845) 486-2000

May 7,  2002


County Executive Announces Groundbreaking for new Aircraft Hangars at Dutchess County Airport

County Executive William R. Steinhaus presided over a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the construction of fifty new T/Ranch Hangars at the Dutchess County Airport in the Town of Wappinger.  “I am excited to kick-off this $2.5 million dollar county funded project to construct needed aircraft storage facilities at our airport.” began the County Executive.  The project involves the building of 40 T-Hangars for single engine aircraft and 10 Ranch Hangars that can accommodate up to medium-sized twin-engine aircraft.  Steinhaus added, “The Airport has cash deposits from pilots committed to lease all 50 of these new storage facilities.”  It is hopeful construction will be completed by the end of the year.

The County Executive noted, “The project also includes $300,000 in associated taxiway work, of which the Federal Aviation Administration will fund 90%, the New York State Department of Transportation will fund an additional 5%, and the remaining 5% will be funded by Dutchess County.  I would like to thank Congresswoman Sue Kelly for her assistance in obtaining this federal aviation grant and for her continued support of the county airport.  Without this funding, this project would not have been as economically attractive.”

County Executive Steinhaus said, “The Dutchess County Airport is an important community asset and plays a vital role in our local economy and that is why this project, which represents the first expansion of hangar space at the airport since 1982, is good news for local businesses.  According to a study done by Hudson Valley Regional Council in 1998, the airport already contributes over $50 million dollars to our economy annually, provides 134 jobs and supports more than 850 jobs in our community.  Furthermore, access to local businesses is facilitated through the airport and is vital to realizing the economic development potential of the county. 

The development of new aircraft storage space at the airport increases the access available to business and provides additional economic spin-offs for the community.”  The County Executive added, “The new hangars will provide rental income to help pay for the capital costs of their construction, and will increase the customer base at the airport for the sale of fuel and other services, improving the airport’s bottom line.

“I would like to thank County Legislator Fred Pizzuto for spearheading the effort to obtain funding in the County Legislature,” announced Steinhaus, “His leadership was especially important when the original bids for the project came in higher than anticipated.  Legislator Pizzuto facilitated legislative approval of supplemental funding to complete the project.  As a local pilot himself, he clearly understood the need to move this project forward.”  Legislator Fred Pizzuto responded, “This groundbreaking ceremony provides clear evidence government does work, with the legislature and the administration pulling together for a common goal.  Without the cooperation of County Executive Steinhaus, his Department Heads, and the County Legislature, we would not be here today to break ground on this project, which is vital for our Airport’s future.”

The County Executive added, “DCDPW Commissioner Paul Cassillo and Aviation Director Ed Rose and Assistant to the County Executive Earl Bruno also deserve to be recognized along with our airport specialty consultants, C&S Companies.  Using a team approach, staff from C & S’s Design and Construction Management Divisions worked with Commissioner Cassillo and Mr. Rose to reduce the cost of the project in order to make it a reality.”  Commissioner Cassillo noted,  “Cooperation was also received from the construction trades. Delaney Construction was the successful low bidder for general contractor and a local firm, Roundout Electric, which agreed to hold their bids amounts, during the time it took to rebid the project, was low bidder on the electric portion of the project.”

County Executive Steinhaus concluded by saying, “This project addresses the current aircraft storage space deficit at the airport.  The new Airport Master Plan we are working on now will be completed this year and will address future facility demand. The new Airport Master Plan will make projections for both the level of demand for new facilities and the appropriate mix of any additional facilities to be built.  The projections will be based in part on the NYS Aviation Activity and FAA Terminal Area Forecasts for substantial growth in demand for aviation facilities and services in our region.



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