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William R. Steinhaus
Dutchess County Executive            
(845) 486-2000

April 14, 2000

County Executive Announces Myers Corners Road Rehabilitation

Poughkeepsie, NY - Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus announced today the Myers Comers Road highway improvement project in the Town of Wappinger is now fully underway.

The 1.82 mile rehabilitation of Myers Comers Road is taking place on the section of road between All Angels Hill Road and Henry Drive in the Town of Wappinger. The total cost is $970,000 including federal, state and county dollars.   Myers Comers Road carries approximately 10,500 motorists per day. It is home to Laerdal Manufacturing and two schools, including Roy C. Ketcham High School. Myers Comers Road is also a major east/west corridor. The scope of the project includes the rehabilitation of the existing worn out pavement and shoulder by a combination of milling and repaving work. The shoulders will be widened to at least 6 feet so pedestrians and bicyclists could also safely utilize the roadway. A large concrete box culvert has been replaced. Other drainage improvements will be completed and existing guide rails shall be also replaced. The existing horizontal and vertical alignment or path of the road will not be significantly changed. The project has been designed and inspected by DPW's in-house engineering staff and is being constructed by the low bid contractor.

"The improvements to Myers Comers Road will serve multiple purposes," Steinhaus noted. "It will repair the road surface causing less wear on residents' cars. It will improve drainage thus reducing the chance of flooding. It will provide a safer environment for family bicycling and those joining the growing number of people walking for exercise."

Steinhaus said, "The preparation work will go on into May when actual paving will begin. Landscaping, guide rail and other work will continue into June.

The Executive pointed out, "In 1998 we did reconstruction on a 1600 foot section of Myers Comers Road east of NYS Route 9 in the Town of Wappinger, in the area of Hollowbrook Road, and the Wappingers Plaza (formerly Walbaums). The project at the time cost approximately $575,000. "Within just two years we will have made an investment of over 1.5 million dollars in the infrastructure of the Myers Comers Road area," Steinhaus noted. "There is significant traffic on Myers Comers Road so it is important to continually maintain the roadway for the safety of our residents."


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