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Dutchess County Executive
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June 15, 2000


Statement from Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus on the $5 Million Senate Grant for the Dutchess Central Utility Corridor

The Dutchess Central Utility Corridor feasibility study is an outgrowth of my April 1998 initiative that brought together representatives of county government, the county Water and Wastewater Authority, Dutchess County Economic Development Corporation, local municipalities, and interested private users to review the feasibility of developing a pipeline along the county-owned former rail corridor running from Poughkeepsie to East Fishkill. The utility corridor would deliver excess capacity Hudson River water from Poughkeepsie to municipalities, homes, and businesses along the corridor as well as to the Economic Development Zone area in East Fishkill, including the Hudson Valley Research Park.

Since 1998, we have spent an enormous amount of time and energy creating our vision for a Dutchess Central Utility Corridor. Strategies to protect the environment and to induce job development are always at the top of our Dutchess agenda. We have added more than 10,000 new jobs, recruited more than 60 new companies, lowered our unemployment rate to approximately 3%, and, throughout, never lost sight of the need to protect our environment, guard our open space and agricultural lands, and secure safe and quality water for our residents and businesses in the 21st century.

Also at the core of every major initiative we advance is the knowledge we can not do it alone. Our collaborative approach to major projects is what makes Dutchess County the success story we have become. Whether it's community partnerships, government partnerships, or a combination of both joining with the private sector, we embrace and encourage the team concept.

In the case of the continuing evolution of the Dutchess Central Utility Corridor project, I approached Senator Saland and asked he join with us to help make this project a reality. With his assistance, I was able to present our utility corridor vision to Senate Majority Leader Bruno last September at his Albany office.

Senator Bruno was immediately enthusiastic and responsive to our proposal and our request for financial support. We are delighted to learn Dutchess County's homeowners and businesses will benefit by the Senate Majority's Jobs 2000 Program with this $5 million grant announced today.

All the necessary funds to implement this project, which is estimated to carry a $23 million dollar price tag, are not yet in place. However, this Senate grant goes a long way to begin putting the necessary capital construction funds in place. This project has the potential to be the most important environmental and economic development project in Dutchess County's history, and we greatly appreciate the participation of   Senator Saland and Senate Majority Leader Bruno.


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