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William R. Steinhaus
Dutchess County Executive
Telephone:  (845) 486-2000
, FAX: (845) 486-2021,

January 10, 2001


Steinhaus Targets $60,000 to Help Youth

Poughkeepsie...Dutchess County Executive, William R. Steinhaus, announced that agreements have been signed with the Child Abuse Prevention Center providing funds for various programs. Steinhaus said, "These funds will provide for a variety of programs targeting different age groups and reinforce the county’s commitment to the young people of Dutchess County and to agencies devoted to preventing child abuse, neglect and juvenile delinquency, and to promoting youth development."

The Personal Safety Program has the potential to reach approximately 3400 children and will receive $18,241. It consists of workshops for parents, teachers and children and will provide instruction and information about personal safety including child abuse, how to speak to children about personal safety and rules for the use of the internet. Steinhaus said that the hope for this program is to make parents more likely to discuss safety measures with their children to help protect them from abuse, make teachers more knowledgeable about how to respond to abused children and encourage children to say "no" to abuse and seek help if they have been abused.

The Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is slated to receive $18,500 to aid in their investigations, data collection and monitoring procedures. The goal is to serve about 150 children. This program aims to ensure that sexual abuse offenders will be held legally accountable, that more sex offenders will enter into treatment programs and that more agencies will be solicited for increased participation.

The Teen Life Program, which targets youths 10 to 20 years of age, will be able to serve approximately 1,000 Dutchess County youngsters with aid totaling $23, 012. Workshops on such topics as Life Skills and Child Abuse/Neglect will be geared to helping teens gain knowledge of skills such as communication, decision making, setting goals, anger management, personal safety and recognizing child abuse or neglect. Camp counselors will receive information about identification and indicators of child abuse and how to respond to it and report it if necessary.

County Executive Steinhaus said, "These programs are extremely important to the future of our community. The more knowledge our children have, the more prepared they are to face real-life situations and learn that they have alternatives in seeking adult and professional help if they need it."


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