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November 13, 2001

Dutchess County Youth Council Reports 2001 Survey Results

Poughkeepsie. . .Dutchess County Executive William R. Steinhaus has announced the finalization of the 2001 Youth Survey Report.  Conducted every three years by the Youth Council, the report is an important tool in the County’s planning process to improve the well-being indicators for children, youth and families in Dutchess County.  The results are sent to each high school principal in the County as well as to community organizations that serve and support student activities in their programs.

The top five issues identified by the participating youth were:  Drug/Alcohol Use, Lack of Youth Activities, Child Abuse, the Environment and Racism.  “We are pleased we have come such a long way on the issue of youth activities; 52% of the youth said there are enough activities in the County for youth, compared to 35.9% in 1998,” stated County Executive Steinhaus.  “This demonstrates the hard work of schools, municipalities and community groups, such as our D. C. Children’s Services Council, to increase opportunities and programs for youth in the County during the past three years.  We hope communities and schools will use this document for future planning and student-led projects.”

Of the 6,360 students who responded to the survey, 45% performed 6 or more hours of non-mandated community service a year, with over 8% completing 16 hours or more. Eighty percent of the students said their parents were involved in their education by helping with homework, keeping the student focused or providing encouragement.  Students would like to see more sports, skate parks, teen youth centers and dance clubs.

The County Executive and Betsy Brockway, Executive Director of the Youth Bureau, expressed thanks to Marist College’s Office of Community Research for their assistance in the compilation of the data and a special thanks to all the students and staff members who participated in this important effort to understand our youth’s perceptions and opinions.

For a copy of the report or information about the Dutchess County Youth Council, please call June Ellen Notaro at 845/486-3662.


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