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April 4, 2013        Print version

2013 Public Health Partnership Award

The Dutchess County Board of Health will be presenting its annual Public Health Partnership Awards on April 8, 2013 at 7:00 pm in the Legislative Chambers, 22 Market Street, Poughkeepsie, New York.

The Public Health Partnership Award is designed to provide recognition and appreciation during National Public Health Week for contributions to the health of the community, reflecting the spirit of creating healthy communities, and to increase public awareness of the role and contribution of partners who demonstrate leadership, innovation, and community involvement.

The 2013 Public Health Partnership Awards will be presented to:

  • Alan Muhlnickel, Director of Food Services, Poughkeepsie City School District
  • Genesis Program,  Hudson River Health Care
  • The Elymenators, Arlington High School Student Research Team, led by Maribel Pregnall, Biology Teacher
  • Tick Task Force, Dutchess County

Alan Muhlnickel implemented a city wide breakfast and lunch program for all students in the Poughkeepsie City School District.  He has provided meals in the Beacon area for the Summer Food Service Program and helped the North East Community Center begin a summer meal program in the eastern part of the county.  Mr. Muhlnickel partners with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Dutchess County, the DC Department of Health and other members of the Nutrition Advisory Committee to host community outreach events that use interactive hands-on activities to promote healthy eating and physical activity.

The Genesis Program of Hudson River Health Care is designed to meet the health education and mental health needs of people infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS.  The Genesis Program is staffed with compassionate professionals who offer high quality, individualized services. They reach out to the Department of Health and find ways to reach out to the patient which is a benefit to the individual and the health of our community as a whole. With an increase in HIV infection, in Dutchess and surrounding counties, these services are greatly needed.

The Elymenators Research Team from Arlington High School, led by Maribel Pregnall, biology teacher at the high school, was awarded the $30,000 Lexus Eco Final Challenge Grand Prize for their work on Lyme disease and its connection to the loss of biodiversity.  With Lyme disease being highly endemic in the Hudson Valley, this group is greatly contributing to the research to increase understanding of how to potentially improve the ability to prevent the spread of the disease.

The Tick Task Force was originally established by the Dutchess County Legislature to study deer tick control and Lyme disease prevention in Dutchess County.  This team of highly dedicated and extremely well informed volunteers and organizational representatives have studied in depth the complex ecological and public health issues related to Lyme and other tick problems. They have persuaded New York State to take a more temperate approach to chronic Lyme issues.  They have raised awareness in public and clinical communities and are exploring more affordable tick control with improved understanding of ecology.

DCDOH Board President Dr. William Augerson stated, “The Board received many nominations, but the four selected recipients really impressed our members with the level of local community involvement they showed in the respective public health area of concern, from caring for those affected by HIV/AIDS to addressing childhood obesity and Lyme disease. We celebrate the impact their efforts has made on the health and well being of our county residents.”

For more information about National Public Health Week, visit www.dutchessny.gov.





A. K. Vaidian, MD, MPH,Commissioner of Behavioral & Community Health A. K. Vaidian, MD, MPH
Commissioner of Behavioral & Community Health
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