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April 5, 2017


Dear Children’s Camp Director:

The following is a listing of required forms that must be completed and returned to the Dutchess County Department of Behavioral & Community Health (DBCH) by April 30, 2017.

  1. Application Packet (.pdf) for a permit to operate a children’s camp including a checklist and workers' compensation requirement.
  2. The Camp Safety Plan Statement (.pdf) indicating, by your signature, that your camp’s previously approved safety plan accurately represents the policies, procedures and training that will be implemented during the current season. Any and all changes to your plan must be submitted to this Department for review and approval at least 30 days prior to your camp orientation. Safety Plan Templates are available on our Forms & Resources for your convenience.A Safety Plan Template Addendum was developed this year in response to the new NYS requirements regarding campers with a physical or developmental disability. Please update your safety plan if any physically or developmentally disabled campers are enrolled.
  3. Children’s Camp Facility & Staff Description form (.pdf), which requires basic data and information regarding program, enrollment and personnel changes from the previous year. It is essential that this form, as well as the Additional Staff Qualifications (.pdf), contain complete and accurate information.
  4. Camp Written Plan Checklist form (.pdf), to be used to determine if your written camp plan is in compliance with the requirements of Part 7-2 of NYS Sanitary Code.

    Do NOT mail the following forms directly to the registry.

    Send them to the Dutchess County Department of
    Behavioral & Community Health.


  5. State Central Register Database Check form (.pdf), to be completed by the Camp Director. Please follow the line-by-line instruction sheet.
  6. Prospective Children’s Camp Director Certified Statement form (.pdf), to be completed by the Camp Director.



If you are unable to access any of the forms on this website, please contact the Department of Behavioral & Community Health at (845) 486-3404.

The Children’s Camps in New York State brochure must be provided to the parents of each enrolled camper. Printed copies may be ordered directly from the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) by calling (518) 474-5370 or faxing a request to (518) 486-2361.

NYSDOH Required Certifications aka “Fact Sheets” which outline approved children’s camp staff certifications for CPR, first aid and aquatics; please be advised if anyone on your staff requiring certification has taken a course that is not on the “Fact Sheets,” then that course is not acceptable until approved by the New York State Department of Health. Please note, online first aid and CPR courses are not acceptable. In 2016, we had several camps that had difficulty with certification for an Aquatics Director. The American Red Cross Lifeguard Management course (which is an acceptable class) requires an in-person test. Please see the Fact Sheet for requirements.

The updated meningococcal meningitis “Dear Parent” letter (.pdf) and updated meningococcal meningitis Vaccination Response form (.pdf) are linked, along with information from the New York State Department of Health on complying with Public Health Law. This law requires certain camps to inform parents about the risks of meningococcal meningitis. These signed forms need to be kept on file and readily available upon request during camp inspections (.pdf)

Subpart 7-2 of the NYS Sanitary Code was amended in 2016, and now includes requirements for camps when any physically or developmentally disabled camper is enrolled. A FAQ document was forwarded to camps earlier this year.
In addition, information is provided regarding the regulatory oversight of amusement devices (.pdf) such as high rope courses and ziplines at children’s camps. Camp operators who offer these and similar features at their camp must review this material and submit the Amusement Device Survey (.pdf) to DBCH. Please see the Department of Labor Reporting Offices (.pdf) for information should any injuries occur from these devices. Additional information about the Memorandum of Understanding/ Variance (.pdf)  between the NYSDOH and the NYS Department of Labor is provided.
The Camp Director’s Resources website offers a variety of information about day and overnight trips for camp groups.

For further information or clarification of any of the required material, please contact:

Poughkeepsie District Office   Gena Mitchell              (845) 486-3404
Beacon District Office              Norman Pendleton      (845) 838-4801
Millbrook District Office            Kathleen Schinella      (845) 677-4001
Wishing you a safe and healthy camp season!



James D. Fouts
Associate Public Health Sanitarian
Environmental Health Services

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A. K. Vaidian, MD, MPH,Commissioner of Behavioral & Community Health A. K. Vaidian, MD, MPH
Commissioner of Behavioral & Community Health
Dutchess County Seal